47 Homeschool Blogs to Help & Inspire Homeschooling Parents

By Jen McOwen

July 6, 2021

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Whether you’re new to homeschooling or have been in the homeschool “circle” for a while, I’m sure you’re always looking for supportive resources about home education!

If you’re looking for some fresh, fun perspectives on homeschooling, here are 47 of the best homeschool blogs we could find!

Homeschool Curriculum Blogs

Finding a curriculum—the right curriculum—for your kids can be one of the biggest challenges for homeschool parents. Here are some blogs that provide curriculums themselves, give thorough reviews of other curriculums, or teach you how to make your own!

  1. Homeschool Boost
  2. Hustle and Homeschool
  3. Kindergarten Ready Skills
  4. Big Ideas Through History
  5. The Blue Brain Teacher
  6. Engaging Science Labs
  7. MomBrite

Blogs with Homeschooling Printables 

You may already be set with your curriculum but need some time-filler activities or something for your younger kids to do during lessons. Check out these homeschool blogs with engaging printables for your kids—many of them are free!

  1. Little Earthling
  2. Simple Living. Creative Learning.
  3. Sunny Day Family
  4. The Art Kit
  5. 1+1+1=1

Homeschooling Lifestyle Blogs

Homeschooling your kids means changing your mindset about a lot of things—about understanding what school should (or shouldn’t) look like, about planning your day around lessons and teaching life skills, and about having the confidence that you (yes YOU!) can homeschool your own kids. These blogs will help get you there!

  1. Love from Mim
  2. That Homeschool Life
  3. Fearless Homeschool

Christian Homeschool Blogs

You will find many blogs that aren’t specifically faith-based and even more that are. Here are some of our favorites for anyone who wants to include Biblical teaching in their homeschool curriculum. 

  1. Homeschool and Humor
  2. Heart and Soul Homeschooling
  3. Techie Homeschool Mom
  4. Homeschool with Moxie
  5. A Humble Place
  6. Yellow House Book Rental
  7. Revelation for Kids
  8. Bible Baton
  9. Forget Him Knot
  10. They Call Me Blessed
  11. Just a Simple Home
  12. Montessori Nature

Homeschool Art Blogs

Want to incorporate more art in your homeschool? There are a variety of ways you can do it, including using music, scrapbooking, and, of course, good ol’ paint and colored pencils! Find the projects that are right for you by searching through these blogs, which are focused on bringing art to your family.

  1. Music in our Homeschool
  2. Enrichment Studies
  3. Art Projects for Kids
  4. Meet the Artists
  5. Jessica Sprague

Love-of-Reading Blogs

Some kids will struggle with reading more than others, but no matter where your kids are in their reading skills, fostering a love of reading is important! These homeschool blogs provide resources, tips, and activities to help bring reading to life in your home.

  1. Connie’s Corner
  2. Your Reading Tutor
  3. Hide the Chocolate

Entrepreneurship Blogs

The beauty of homeschooling is that you and your kids don’t have to fit any specific mold. That even includes less-conventional career paths. Is your kid interested in starting his or her own business? Here are some blogs for kids (and moms!) to learn how to make money your own way.

  1. Deanna Castro
  2. Mom Making Money at Home
  3. Next Genpreneur

Homemaking Blogs

Being home with your kids means needing new and fresh ways to keep your home clean, organized, and happy! Check out these blogs to help you keep your home a place where your family loves to learn and spend their time.

  1. Practical Perfection
  2. Simplify Create Inspire
  3. Inspiring Mom Life
  4. The Organized Mom 
  5. Mama Shark
  6. Flanders Family Homelife
  7. Follow My Arrow
  8. Geez, Gwen!
  9. Heavenly Homemakers

Homeschool Blogs to the Rescue?

These homeschool blogs don’t even scratch the surface of all of the resources available online. The key is not letting the information overwhelm you. Find what works for you and run with it! Hopefully these blogs will give you the running start you need!

Author Bio

Jen McOwen is a mom of two and Ultimate Bundle’s Quality Control Specialist. When she’s not working or homeschooling her almost 8-year-old son, you’ll find her outside on sunny days, playing board games on rainy days, and reading a book every day in between!

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