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Heart & Soul Homeschooling

Sara Jordan is a homeschooling mom of three, writer, speaker, and educational consultant who has been blogging since 2008 at Heart and Soul Homeschooling. She enjoys encouraging and equipping other moms with the resources to homeschool with confidence and clarity.

Sara Jordan - Writer/Speaker

Montessori in Nature

Anastasia is an early childhood teacher with 10 years of experience working in a Montessori classroom. Now she is a homeschooling mother of three. Her passion is to support fellow parents and help foster a love of learning and independence in their young children.

Anastasia Rehbein - Montessori-Style Homeschool Expert

Practical Perfection

Michelle is a passionate blogger who focuses on streamlining family life to make this bumpy road called parenthood, easier. She loves to blog about organization and ways to make our homes as clutter free and smooth as possible. She loves creating memories with her family!

Michelle Hanson - Family Blogger

The Intentional Mom

"I help you become the CEO of your life."

Jennifer Roskamp


Happy Customers

Bonus Value

“The materials are easily accessible and I’m not tech savvy so that’s saying something! I’ve taken a few of the ecourses and they’ve shown to be knowledgeable and wholesome information. The biggest benefit has been the bonus offer, what a blessing, that I didn’t even know I needed in our home and family. ”

Happy Customer

Trying Something New

“Lots of ideas for balancing homeschool life, choosing the right 'subjects,' trying new resources or approaches.”


Perfect for Beginners

I'm a beginner at gardening and this is perfect to start!


Time to Spare

Curriculum and ideas to structure my homeschooling have been so helpful. With jumping into homeschooling during the pandemic, this took one (very large) thing off my plate!”

Happy Customer

Off Grid Gardening Adventure

It enabled me to create a constructive library of gardening on my off grid adventure

Dave Smith

Creating Structure

“This bundle has helped me, to have a structured homeschooling time. It is very nice that there are so many advices how to teach my child in different parts of the age."


New ideas

I have been gardening for many years but I still feel that there is always something new to learn, I like getting other ideas or perspectives from others.


Good Topic Content

I love the variety of topics offered in the bundle.

Debbie Pierce

Brilliant Ideas and Worth The Money

I love being able to research and learn about the best way others have succeeded, before I start a new adventure. So this bundle has been great in helping me learn a lot about gardening and even what to do with the food after it’s grown! And I’ve found several new bloggers to follow and continue learning even more fun! It was well worth the money spent!

Brande Hoag

Renewed Enthusiasm

Renewed my excitement about being in the garden.

Lyn Dodge

Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle

With the resources in the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle I have gotten so many tips, tricks and ideas for making my little plot of land work for me and my family.

Joanne Harrison

Supplemental Learning

“It has given me supplements to go with the courses I am using with my third grader and it has given me things to use for my pre-schooler so I don't have to buy anything else for him.”



“All of the worksheets are fun and helpful but the most helpful is the "How to Teach Your Preschooler." I love that I'm not left with a bunch of worksheets and no idea how to use them. ”


Wonderful Resources

I am not a gardener yet so my biggest benefit is learning how to garden and having access to such wonderful resources while I am learning.

Teri Taylor

Fresh Ideas

“Lots of access to and awareness of resources that I would not otherwise know about.”

Happy Customer

Trying something new

Things I thought were too hard to grow, I am trying them out.


Finding Encouragement

“I found a whole bunch of excellent homeschool resources and websites that I did not know about before, and I am excited about using their products and going back to them for more in the future. There are so many talented homeschool parents out there who have made fantastic resources and finding them through this bundle has been encouraging!”

Happy Customer

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