Christmas Blogging: 80+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas to Help You Brainstorm

By Rachel Abernathy

February 7, 2021

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written by Rachel Abernathy

Need a little extra boost to help get your creative juices flowing for the Christmas blogging season? You’ve come to the right place. 🙂

Christmas is a huge opportunity for bloggers. The biggest reason is that during the holiday season, people are looking to BUY. In fact, one source says that households spend about $1,536 this time of year. That’s a lot of revenue, and it presents a unique opportunity for you to share gift ideas and other products with readers who really want to know what you recommend.

It depends on your niche, of course, but some bloggers may actually find their traffic and audience interest increases over the Christmas period, especially if your topic targets an audience that is looking to solve a specific holiday problem or pass time online as they travel and take a break from their normal schedules. 

Having trouble coming up with some Christmas blog topics? These ideas are categorized by blogging niches. Maybe you’ll find something that will turn into the next hit post on your website this Christmas!

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Health Bloggers

Whether you’re sharing your favorite remedies or providing tips for conquering the gluten-free diet, there are lots of things you can post about as a health blogger.

  • Share tips for staying healthy over the busy holiday season.
  • Provide diet-friendly holiday recipes.
  • Teach curious readers how to give healthy holiday gifts to loved ones.
  • Share tips for managing stress during the Christmas season.
  • Make a holiday recipe roundup post.
  • Provide natural disinfectants for holiday cleaning routines.
  • Teach readers how to make their own Christmasey personal care products (e.g., lotion).
  • Address the holiday blues.
  • Share tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Expose common toxins found hiding within Christmas cheer.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Fashion/Beauty Bloggers

Let the sparkling lights of the holiday season spill over into your wardrobe and beauty routine as a fashion/beauty blogger this Christmas. 

  • Teach readers how to rock the latest holiday fashion trends.
  • Provide links for finding Christmas pajamas and other fashion essentials.
  • Post hairstyle or makeup ideas for Christmas parties.
  • Share how to find Christmas fashion on a budget.
  • Explore how to organize your closet for the Christmas season.
  • Give tips for planning a Christmas wedding.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas at a relative’s house across the country or at a world-famous location across the world, here are some ideas for all of you travel bloggers out there.

  • Explain where people should take their next Christmas vacations.
  • Share tips for traveling with children over the holidays.
  • Share tips for traveling on a budget during Christmastime.
  • Explore where NOT to travel during the holidays.
  • Give advice for celebrating Christmas in another country.
  • Unveil secrets to keeping yourself safe during the busy traveling season.
  • Share travel-friendly Christmas decorations for people living on the road.
  • Create a roundup post of the top Christmas concerts and/or live events in a particular area.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

We all understand mothers shoulder a huge load during the holiday season, and beacasue of that, mommy bloggers have a unique opportunity to speak to the challenges and needs of this audience. 

  • Share how to teach children the real meaning of Christmas.
  • Create a roundup post of Christmas craft ideas.
  • Share tips for establishing meaningful family traditions. 
  • Review popular Christmas books and movies.
  • Share the story behind your favorite sacred carol. 
  • Provide tips for keeping things clean during holiday baking with kids.
  • Discover how to toddler-proof Christmas decorations.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Craft Bloggers

During the holidays, crafty people around the world open their supply bins and start dreaming about what they’ll be giving their loved ones on Christmas morning. Get your own blogging inspiration from these crafty ideas.

  • Share the top handmade gift ideas for loved ones.
  • Make a gift guide for crafty people (to help non-crafty people purchase gifts).
  • Make a list of locations that provide Christmas-themed craft supplies for projects.
  • Share homemade gift wrapping options.
  • Share homemade Christmas decoration ideas.
  • Teach readers how to make holiday costumes (with or without sewing).

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Photography Bloggers

If you’re a photography blogger, you’re not off the hook yet! Christmas is the season for sparkling lights and winter wonderlands, a beautiful time for photographers everywhere. 

  • Share tips for photographing winter scenes. 
  • Provide actionable strategies for taking Christmas card photos.
  • Share smartphone photography ideas.
  • List the best gadgets for keeping equipment safe while traveling or venturing out into the cold.
  • Explore food photography.
  • Give people ideas for turning photos into gifts/stocking stuffers.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Business & Entrepreneurship Bloggers

Even though most businesses provide downtime during the actual holiday, business is still humming during the work week, and many entrepreneurs also take this month to plan for the upcoming year.

  • Share tips for building teamwork during the busy holiday season.
  • Reveal how people’s shopping habits in your industry change during the holidays. 
  • Make a list of tips for planning for the new year.
  • Review the past year.
  • Explore how to plan a virtual company Christmas party.
  • Make a list of the best Christmas gifts for business associates and employees.
  • Discuss the importance of creating a festive shopping experience.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Personal Finance Bloggers

Yes, Christmas is a season when people are spending money. But it’s also a time when people are looking for strategies to help stretch their dollars. That’s where personal finance bloggers can help!

  • Teach how to shop for great gifts…on a budget.
  • Share tips for saving for Christmas ahead of time.
  • List places to find affordable Christmas decorations and other holiday products.
  • Compile opportunities for earning extra cash during the holidays.
  • Post tutorials on using electronic personal finance tools to plan for the holidays.
  • Share how to winterize your vehicle for less.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Entertainment Bloggers

Christmas offers so much when it comes to entertainment. It’s a season of joyful music, heartwarming stories, and fabulous new releases, so why not share some of those things with your readers?

  • List the top new Christmas movies or albums.
  • Post a flashback about a record-setting album or movie from a previous Christmas.
  • Reveal what your favorite celebrity usually does for the holidays.
  • Discuss your favorite popular charity.
  • Take a look at celebrity’s Christmas decorations. Yay or nay?
  • Critique what your favorite celebrities wore for the holidays.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Food Bloggers

Food bloggers, this is your time to shine! So much of the holiday season revolves around food, so why not share some of your personal favorites on your blog? You can also check out some of our food blogger tips here.

  • Share the top fancy Christmas dinner recipes nobody will believe someone made from scratch.
  • Make a roundup post of simple and delicious recipes.
  • Walk readers through planning the perfect Christmas party menu.
  • Share tips for keeping the kitchen clean and organized.
  • Share a recipe for homemade Christmas cookies.
  • List food stocking stuffer ideas. 
  • Review a favorite restaurant or food product.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Productivity Bloggers

It’s a busy time of year, which means your readers could probably need a little boost of motivation and energy, you know. 😉

  • Share tips on focusing when things are hectic.
  • Share tips for planning time off in the most efficient and productive way possible.
  • Organize methods of planning parties and events. 
  • Uncover what kind of Christmas music makes you most productive.
  • Provide time-saving methods for Christmas gift shopping and wrapping.
  • Declutter your winter clothing stash.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Gardening & Homesteading Bloggers

Even though it’s not prime gardening season, gardening and homesteading bloggers can offer a unique perspective during the Christmas season too.

  • List the best gardening gifts for new gardeners.
  • Share tips for preparing for a white Christmas on your homestead.
  • Provide suggestions for caring for your homestead while you’re traveling.
  • List Christmas items you can make and sell.
  • Reveal secrets to extending garden crops into cold weather.
  • Talk about growing and using your favorite mint.
  • Bust common fireplace safety myths and concerns.

Christmas Blogging Ideas for Homeschooling Bloggers

Even though school is winding down for the month, homeschoolers are always looking for creative ways to celebrate holidays. Here are some ideas just for you, homeschool bloggers.

  • Share some festive Christmas unit study ideas.
  • Explore how Christmas is celebrated around the world.
  • Provide a Christmas spelling test.
  • Discover how a favorite Christmas food became popular.
  • Write Christmas math problems.
  • Share some Christmas handwriting/language arts pieces for homeschoolers to use.
  • Give instructions for putting on a Christmas play.
  • Study about stars, winter weather, or other seasonal topics.
  • Make a Grinch-themed art project.
  • Make homemade Christmas cards with the kids.
  • Study how animated movies like Charlie Brown used to be made.

Christmas Blogging Ideas: Conclusion

Hopefully by now, your head is brimming with thoughts of Christmas post ideas for your blog. Happy blogging!

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Rachel Abernathy is Ultimate Bundles’ Jill of All Trades, as well as a blogger, virtual assistant, and content marketing professional humming away from her home office in the Midwest. When she’s not writing or editing something new, you can find her making a delicious something (read: mess) in the kitchen! Learn more about Rachel at

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