25+ Blogging Podcasts You Should Listen To

By Rachel Abernathy

December 18, 2020

blogging podcasts

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Looking for a blogging podcast worth listening to? We’ve compiled a list of 25+ for you to enjoy. 

Blogging Podcasts for Starting & Growing Your Blog

The Leslie Samuel Show

Leslie Samuel is a blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur who shares his knowledge about blogging and online marketing in this podcast. He focuses on foundational blogging topics every blogger should know about, and provides tips for securing your business.

Common Topics Covered: Growing and optimizing your blog, building income streams. 

Link to Get Started: Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to build another income stream for your blog, and Leslie shares his best tips for affiliate marketing success in this episode (#373). 


The Blog Millionaire Podcast

If you’re looking for an inspiring story, check out Brandon’s story. The About page on his website shares his amazing journey from being a successful businessman to becoming disabled in his 30s while his pregnant wife battled cancer. Through these hard times, he became a professional blogger, and now he shares his unique perspective with others through this podcast. (His podcast also features shorter episodes than most.) 

Common Topics Covered: Search engine optimization, growing your blog.

Link to Get Started: Google remains the top search engine today, so it’s important for bloggers to learn how to optimize content accordingly. Check out Brandon’s episode from 10/16/2020 on increasing domain authority and Google rankings with pillar posts.


Just Keep Blogging Podcast

Kim Anderson’s podcast is focused on bloggers, covering a wide variety of topics you will need to know about if you want to build a successful website. Past guests have included Kate Doster, Talaat & Tai McNeely, and Emma Bates. 

Common Topics Covered: Blogging basics, growing your blog, inspiration, motivation. 

Link to Get Started: Many bloggers are seeking flexibility in their work environment, oftentimes because of health problems. But what if you struggle with headaches or migraines? Kim shares tips to keep you blogging if you have migraines in this episode. 


The Do You Even Blog Podcast

Pete McPherson has one of the most comprehensive blogging podcasts out there, with episodes interviewing well-known bloggers and entrepreneurs. 

Common Topics Covered: Entrepreneurship, podcasting, online marketing strategy, growing your blog.

Link to Get Started: If you’ve considered starting a podcast for your blog, you might want to check out this episode on beginning podcasting FAQ.


Thrive Blogger Podcast

This is, “the podcast for bloggers and influencers.” 

Common Topics Covered: Growing and scaling your blog, social media marketing, influencer marketing, mindset. 

Link to Get Started: Batching is a great productivity tool for bloggers too! In episode #062, you’ll learn how to batch blog posts. 


Blogger Genius Podcast

Jillian Leslie is a familiar name in the online marketing world, since she’s the founder of Catch My Party and MiloTree. Her podcast focuses on sharing tips and tricks from other successful online businesses and blogs, to help you grow your own venture.

Common Topics Covered: Content creation, growing your blog, productivity, ecommerce, social media marketing.

Link to Get Started: Pinterest is one of the most popular traffic-driving platforms. Learn how to easily design Pinterest pins in episode #143.

Blogging Podcasts for Marketing Your Blog, Scaling Your Business, & Refining Your Messaging

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

One of the most recognizable and respected blogging podcasts, Amy Porterfield is the go-to resource for learning more about online marketing in a practical way, no overwhelm required. Notable guests have included Jenna Kutcher, Tasha Booth, Neil Patel, and Michael Hyatt (Amy’s mentor). 

Common Topics Covered: Online marketing, entrepreneurship, content creation. 

Link to Get Started: A content creation calendar is one of the keys to building a successful blog, and Amy shares her 5 steps for creating and repurposing your content calendar in this episode (#344).


The Market Your Message Show

Jonathan Milligan’s podcast focuses on online business topics, to make sure your message gets out there to the people who need it most. 

Common Topics Covered: Starting and growing your blog, increasing your traffic and income, content creation, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Every blogger has felt that slump occasionally, so make sure you check out Jonathan’s episode on how to overcome procrastination and get your mojo back! 


Brilliant Business Moms Podcast

Beth Anne is a business mastermind, and she loves sharing stories from other brilliant business moms in her podcast. Whether you’re creating products, battling burnout, building social media accounts, or growing your email list, you’ll want to check it out.

Common Topics Covered: Growing your blog, scaling your blog, product creation, social media marketing, mindset. 

Link to Get Started: If you’re creating your own products, you’ll need to learn how to launch it well too! Check out this episode on why you should care about your product launch (and what a product launch looks like).


Building a Story Brand Podcast

What list of blogging podcasts would be complete without Donald Miller’s famous StoryBrand? Donald’s StoryBrand process has been used for countless websites, including many blogs, and this podcast has featured notable podcast names including Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni, Daymond John, Ken Blanchard, Mel Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Scott Hamilton, and more. 

Common Topics Covered: Leadership, messaging, entrepreneurship, mindset, online marketing.

Link to Get Started: Think you’re not creative? Think again. This episode with Seth Godin teaches you how to become more creative (even if you think you aren’t). 


The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher loves online marketing and business, and her podcast has a definite lifestyle brand feel to itself, setting it out from other blogging podcasts listed here. 

Common Topics Covered: Goal setting, online business, blogging health, marketing.  

Link to Get Started: Your email list is one of the most powerful components of your blog, especially for monetization. In this episode, Jenna shares 5 easy ways to get your emails opened more often.


1 Day Business Breakthrough Podcast

This is an entrepreneurship podcast from Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker. 

Common Topics Covered: Content creation, mindset, productivity, entrepreneurship. 

Link to Get Started: Scroll down and check out S3,E3 to learn the power of content repurposing.


The Mariah Coz Show

Don’t worry, online courses haven’t been left out of the podcasting world! This podcast focuses entirely on building successful online courses, from brainstorming to building to marketing.

Common Topics Covered: Content creation, marketing strategy.

Link to Get Started: Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of building your own course? You need to check out this episode on launching courses without overwhelm.

Looking for more? Pop into our backfiles for past episodes of Ultimate Affiliates for more on affiliate marketing!


Blogging Podcasts for Building Traffic 

Perpetual Traffic Podcast

This is the podcast from DigitalMarketer with hosts Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell. It discusses growing your traffic and creating quality content for your audience.

Common Topics Covered: Social media marketing, content creation, marketing strategy.

Link to Get Started: Facebook advertising can be an important part of increasing your traffic. Learn the #1 hack nobody knows about Facebook advertising success in episode #283.


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Michael Stelzer runs this podcast over at Social Media Examiner. As a blogger, it’s important to keep up-to-date with your favorite social media platforms, understanding what works (and what doesn’t work) NOW, and this podcast will help you keep updated on what’s happening.

Common Topics Covered: YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, TikTok marketing, paid advertising, analytics.

Link to Get Started: TikTok is one of the more recent social media platforms, and a lot of bloggers haven’t taken advantage of it yet. Learn more about TikTok content marketing in this episode. 

Simple Pin Podcast

Pinterest marketing is one of the most important traffic streams for many bloggers (especially those in lifestyle niches like food or decor). And guess what? Kate Ahl’s podcast is dedicated completely to Pinterest marketing! 

Common Topics Covered: Pinterest marketing, search engine optimization, branding.

Link to Get Started: Pinterest is really more of a search engine than it is a social media platform, which means you need to learn how to choose the right keywords like episode #206 discusses. 


Inbox Besties Podcast

Kate Doster offers her unforgettable personality and approach to email marketing in this podcast. 

Common Topics Covered: Email marketing, marketing strategy, monetization. 

Link to Get Started: Learn how to jolt your email list awake in episode #154 here.

Eat Blog Talk Podcast

This is a podcast just for food bloggers!

Common Topics Covered: Monetization, search engine optimization, content creation, marketing strategy.

Link to Get Started: Search engine optimization is an important part of the blogging process. Learn SEO tips and tricks in podcast episode #155.


Wit & Wire Podcast

This is the ultimate podcast…about podcasting! What’s not to like about that? 😉

Common Topics Covered: Podcasting, content creation, marketing strategy.

Link to Get Started: Every podcast needs these three things. Learn what they are in episode #18. 


Blogging Podcasts to Inspire You

What Works Podcast

This is a weekly podcast where Tara McMullin discusses small business with successful and wise small business owners. This isn’t necessarily a blogging podcast per se, but many of the strategies shared WILL apply to bloggers and online business owners too.

Common Topics Covered: Online business, small business strategy, mindset, identity. 

Link to Get Started: Yes, Mom was right! Sometimes it really is how you look at it. Learn how to change your perspective in episode #309.


Boss Girl Creative Podcast

Taylor Bradford knows what it’s like to face (and overcome) challenges. Let this self-taught “unconventional unicorn” give you business advice you can apply to your own blog/business.

Common Topics Covered: Online business, marketing strategy, blogging health, social media marketing. 

Link to Get Started: Don’t forget the legal side to your business! Episode #271 discusses all of the legal stuff.

The Tim Ferriss Show

This #1 podcast is incredibly popular and features interviews from 400+ experts. While it’s not about blogging (and is probably the least-blogging themed podcast on this list), every blogger needs a little inspiration! This is the perfect podcast for getting motivation, techniques, and hacks from entrepreneurs, financial gurus, and business experts. 

Common Topics Covered: Entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, mindset, leadership, messaging. 

Link to Get Started: Learn the art of unplugging in episode #448.


Why Listen to Blogging Podcasts?

Maybe you’re not so convinced about this whole blogging podcast thing. Why should you listen to blogging podcasts? There are many reasons!

First, blogging podcasts help you keep abreast of current trends in the industry. This is more important than ever today, especially as Google and social media platforms continue updating their algorithms.

Listening to blogging podcasts also teaches you advanced blogging techniques and skills, helping you understand not only your own blog, but also your competition and how you can set yourself apart from others.

Blogging podcasts are also well connected with each other, making them a great way to connect with likeminded bloggers and online marketers who also work in your space. 

Finally, one of the biggest reasons? Inspiration. Blogging requires consistency, even when the going gets tough and your to-do list isn’t new and sparkly like it was before. Listening to blogging podcasts can inspire and motivate you to keep going!


Quick Tips for Listening to Blogging Podcasts

Listen, I know you’re busy. There’s not a blogger alive who doesn’t have a full schedule! So if blogging podcasts are so important, then how do you find time to listen to them?

First, consider creating a routine or incorporating podcasts into your existing routines. One of the reasons why podcasts have become so popular is that you can listen to them while you work on other things and make the most of every moment. 

Also, make sure you subscribe to podcasts using your favorite mobile app. The easier it is to access your blogging podcasts, the more likely it will be that you will actually listen to them regularly, especially when you get notified of new episodes.

Don’t do this alone! If you have a blogging buddy or business partner, you can also listen to episodes and discuss them together. 

However you choose to listen to blogging podcasts, remember to focus on what works best for YOU. Some of the blogging podcasts on this list won’t really apply to your blog or interests. That’s okay. Don’t try to listen to everything at once; just pick and choose.

Have you listened to any of these blogging podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

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