52+ Podcasts for Writers, Authors, Copywriters, Self-Publishers, & More!

By Rachel Abernathy

February 25, 2021

podcasts for writers

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written by Rachel Abernathy

Searching for new podcasts for writers to listen to? Don’t go down the internet rabbit hole looking for your next favorite download. We’ve done all of the hard work for you! With this list, you’ll know what podcasts might be a good fit for your writing journey, so you can listen immediately and get back to actually writing! 

Copywriting & Business Writing

The Copywriter Club Podcast

Copywriting isn’t for the faint of heart! It’s an incredibly difficult form of writing, requiring both discipline and flexibility, but it is also very needed in the online marketing world. 

Common Topics Covered: Copywriting, writing tips & tricks, style, marketing, mindset. 

Link to Get Started: There are few marketing techniques more powerful than actually demonstrating the transformation your product delivers. Learn about dramatic demonstration of proof in episode #217.

Pro Blogger Podcast

This podcast isn’t currently active, but it is still worth mentioning here, because of its impressive archive! Pro Blogger is considered one of the top websites and blogging communities available, and you may find it invaluable if you’re a blogger. 

Common Topics: Blogging, marketing, writing tips & tricks, style, monetization, mindset, inspiration.

Link to Get Started: Writing is powerful, even for bloggers! In episode #257, they chat with one blogger who grew her readership by 500%, using these practical tips.

The Create If Writing

Even writers have to do a little marketing! This podcast targets writers, bloggers, and other creatives who want to build their online platforms. Past episode topics have included creating an author newsletter, building an author platform, troubleshooting sales problems, and choosing a book cover. 

Common Topics: Marketing, publishing, book launches, writing tips & techniques, branding, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Do you want to partner with another author on a project? Occasionally, you’ll find things just don’t work out between you. But how do you avoid those types of bad collaborations in the first place? Episode #183 tells all.

High-Income Business Writing Podcast

If you’re a copywriter or doing any kind of business writing, you’ll want to check out this podcast! It features case studies, interviews, and ideas that will help you excel in your craft. Past episode topics have included growing your income, solving common problems, and becoming successful in the business. 

Common Topics: Productivity, marketing, monetization, mindset, public speaking. 

Link to Get Started: It’s time to STOP obsessing about low-cost writers, as episode #214 confirms.

The Ray Edwards Show 

Ray Edwards is a familiar name in the entrepreneur world, and his podcast trains people around the world in the special craft of copywriting. 

Common Topics: Copywriting, spirituality, marketing, entrepreneurship. 

Link to Get Started: Copy that connects leads to copy that converts! Learn how to write copy that connects in this episode.

Hot Copy Podcast with Kate Toon & Belinda Weaver

While not currently broadcasting new episodes, you may find the archive of this writing podcast helpful if you’re venturing into copywriting. Past episode topics have included writing for rural audiences and writing when you’re 60+ years old, as well as related topics like branding, pitching, and more.

Common Topics: Copywriting, marketing, publishing, pitching. 

Link to Get Started: Learn the essentials of magazine pitching in episode #117 here.

Side Note: Looking for more podcasts on blogging and other online marketing topics? We’ve published a list of blogging podcasts here! 

Fiction Writing & Storytelling

Helping Writers Become Authors Podcast with K. M. Wieland 

K.M. Weiland is an award-winning and internationally published author. She focuses on teaching other writers strong storytelling skills. Her podcast has been around since 2009, making it one of the most authoritative writing podcasts on this list.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, story structure, character arc, style, writing tips & tricks, literature. 

Link to Get Started: Many writers struggle with overthinking. Episode #528 shares tips to stop overthinking your writing. 

88 Cups of Tea Podcast

This podcast shares writing advice, techniques, and inspiration for storytellers. You’ll hear from authors, copywriters, poets, filmmakers, speakers, and many more! 

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, writing tips & tricks, style, mindset, marketing, creativity, culture.

Link to Get Started: One of the most popular episodes on the site, this one features Suzie Townsend on becoming a literary agent.

Grammar & Writing Skills

Grammar Girl Podcast with Mignon Fogarty 

If you love grammar and studying how the English language works, Mignon Fogarty (AKA, Grammar Girl) is your choice! Nothing is off limits on her website and podcast where she tackles word conundrums, unrelenting grammar myths, and so much more.  

Common Topics Covered: Grammar, style, writing tips & tricks, linguistics. 

Link to Get Started: Do you REALLY know about grammar? In episode #610, Grammar Girl reveals the top ten grammar myths. 

A Way with Words with Martha Barnette & Grant Barrett

Originally based in San Diego, California, today’s A Way with Words podcast is from a 501(c)(3) organization. On the show, Martha and Grant discuss everything words, including jargon, proverbs, idioms, slang words, and more, along with other grammar and literature topics.

Common Topics Covered: Linguistics, grammar, culture, literature. 

Link to Get Started: Where did baby’s breath flowers get their name? Where does the idiom, “you can’t cover the sun with a finger” mean? What is a googleganger? Episode #1545 talks about these interesting topics, and TONS more too.  

Writing Class Radio 

Imagine a writing class…in the convenience of a podcast! That’s exactly what Writing Class Radio provides, to help you become the best writer you can be, showing a little tough love along the way. They even accept submissions from listeners.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, editing, writing tips & tricks, style, literature, author interviews, stories.

Link to Get Started: Do you ever feel like you understand yourself better once you get your words down on paper? Episode #78 (in season 8) discusses how writing helps you figure out how you think.

The Well-Storied Podcast with Kristen Kieffer

The host of this podcast, Kristen Kieffer, is a fantasy fiction writer herself, and she guides other writers to become better in their craft.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, writing tips & tricks, style, productivity, mindset, character arc, marketing. 

Link to Get Started: Do you feel like you’re falling behind in your writing life? This episode reveals that Kristen has struggled with this very thing herself, so you aren’t alone. Learn more in this episode. 

Writing Excuses Podcast

This podcast keeps their episodes 15-25 minutes long, for you can get back to writing faster! 🙂 In all seriousness, this multiple-season podcast focuses on helping you become a better writer in every facet of your craft.

Common Topics: Storytelling, writing tips & techniques, marketing, publishing. 

Link to Get Started: There’s even an art to reading aloud! Learn more about audiobook narration in this episode, featuring Bruce Richardson. 

Writership Podcast

This is another archived podcast, but there are many helpful episodes from 2018 and earlier still available on their website. This podcast focuses on practical writing tips, so you can solve common writing problems and produce even stronger work in the future.

Common Topics: Style, writing tips & tricks, storytelling.

Link to Get Started: Consider the second person point of view in episode #126.

The Taylor Stevens Show 

Taylor is New York Times bestselling author. In her podcast, she shares advice about writing and publishing topics, including building story structure, understanding book sales copy, and writing strong endings.

Common Topics: Writing tips and tricks, mindset, productivity, inspiration, storytelling.

Link to Get Started: Deadlines – are they a blessing or a curse? In episode #263, Taylor talks about this familiar topic.

Writing Roots Podcast

Sometimes, the middle of your story (i.e., the second act) is the most difficult part to write. Over at Writing Roots, they’ve recently started a new podcasting theme just on this topic. You can also find past themes like Pearls from the Masters, Tricks of the Trade, Frequently Asked Questions, and more! 10-minute episodes are the perfect length for busy writers.

Common Topics: Style, storytelling, inspiration, writing tips & tricks, grammar. 

Link to Get Started: Punctuation marks don’t just mean you’re using correct grammar. They also create flow in your piece. Learn more in this episode. 

Start Writing Podcast

This podcast focuses on the craft of writing fiction. Topics include subtext, grammar, cliffhangers, and so much more. 

Common Topics: Style, storytelling, grammar, writing tips & tricks.

Link to Get Started: Speaking of cliffhangers, how do you make them effective? Episode #106 talks about them.

Productivity & Inspiration

Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin 

While not directly about writing, Gretchen is a best-selling author who focuses on happiness and productivity topics, especially for creatives. Her podcast shares happiness techniques that can also be used to increase your success as a writer.

Common Topics Covered: Productivity, mindset, writing tips & tricks, creativity. 

Link to Get Started: Writers need to be readers too! On her podcast, Gretchen announced a 2021 challenge to her listeners, reading 21 minutes every day in 2021. She shares tips in episode #310.

Story a Day Podcast with Julie Duffy 

Julie has a challenge for you: Write a story every day for a month! It’s a great method to help yourself become a writer every day, not just “some day” in the future.

Common Topics Covered: Mindset, writing tips & tricks, creativity, productivity, inspiration.

Link to Get Started: Why are goals so uncomfortable to achieve? Check out episode #193 to learn why.

Write-Minded Podcast with Brooke Warner & Grant Faulkner 

Could you use a little writing inspiration from real-life writers? This podcast interviews writers, authors, and publishing professionals around a particular theme, with each episode providing a takeaway.

Common Topics: Publishing, mindset, creativity, inspiration, author interviews. 

Link to Get Started: The writing process doesn’t have to be dry and boring. In this episode, Jane Smiley talks about bringing wonder to your writing process. 

Write Now Podcast with Sarah Rhea Werner 

Sarah is an award-winning podcaster and writer who talks about everything writing in her podcast. Past episode topics have included journaling, building strong female characters, protecting your time, and more.

Common Topics: Mindset, productivity, inspiration, creativity.

Link to Get Started: Find yourself stuck in “the slog” while you’re writing? Episode #101 addresses this common situation.

The Worried Writer Podcast

This is another podcast that currently isn’t broadcasting new episodes. However, we’re including it on this list because it focuses primarily on overcoming writing problems like fear and doubt.

Common Topics: Mindset, inspiration, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Writing is difficult enough by itself. If things are still uncertain in your life, this episode from the beginning of the COVID-19 situation might be a good listen for you. 

Start with This Podcast

Don’t just listen to a podcast about writing. It’s time to actually START writing! This unique podcast presents assignments to help you take action instead of just listening to more and more writing podcasts and never actually doing anything.

Common Topics: Inspiration, creativity.

Link to Get Started: “Stop and describe the roses” in this episode. 

Stop Writing Alone Podcast with Nicole Rivera

Writing can feel like a very lonely occupation, especially since many writers are introverts and may struggle to connect with others as easily as their extroverted friends. This podcast is focused on building community among writers, so you don’t have to write alone anymore. 

Common Topics: Community, writing tips & tricks, productivity, mindset. 

Link to Get Started: Do you keep hearing of Clubhouse, one of the newest social media platforms? Learn more about it in episode #107.

Your Daily Writing Habit Podcast with Christine Ink

Need some ongoing inspiration and accountability as you write YOUR book? Christine’s short episodes provide daily writing tips and tricks along the way. 

Common Topics: Inspiration, creativity, style, writing tips & tricks. 

Link to Get Started: Words matter. It’s important to choose exactly the right word for the occasion, as episode #667 describes.

Just Keep Writing Podcast with Marshall Carr & Nick Bright

Even writers need community sometimes! This podcast is a mix of analyzing published works, interviewing authors, and providing tips and tricks for writing your own stories. 

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, literature, author interviews, storytelling. 

Link to Get Started: Ever wondered what it would be like to write multiple genres? Dan Wells has done this very thing, and he’s featured in episode #46.

Editing, Publishing, & Marketing Your Writing

The Editing Podcast with Louise Harnby & Denise Cowle

You might be a writer, but proofreading/editing is another important step in the writing and publishing process. This informative podcast dives into editing fundamentals, providing business tips, grammar resources, and so much more. 

Common Topics: Editing, publishing, marketing, grammar, style. 

Link to Get Started: Their webpage categorizes episodes based on topic, so check out the full list and find something that interests you here! 

The Book Marketing Show with Dave Chesson

You’ve written your book. Now the fun (and challenging) part: Getting your book in front of MORE people using marketing techniques that work! Episode topics include editing, advertising, branding, formatting, publishing, and so much more.

Common Topics: Publishing, marketing, branding, designing, book launching.

Link to Get Started: Check out episode #62 on the best writing tools for authors! 

Story Grid Podcast

Story Grid is an editing method from Shawn Coyne. His website’s podcast discusses the intriguing system and shares tips for writing, even analyzing works like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz along the way!

Common Topics Covered: Editing, storytelling, style, literature, writing tips & tricks.

Link to Get Started: If you’ve ever wondered how storytelling techniques fit into nonfiction writing, check out episode #180, called Making Big Idea Nonfiction Work.

Novel Marketing Podcast with Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Let’s face it; sometimes the most difficult part of writing isn’t the writing at all. It’s rather getting your work into the hands of those who need it most. This podcast is hosted by publishing expert Thomas Umstattd Jr. and touches on all kinds of marketing topics, including optimizing for search engines, targeting specific audiences, branding yourself, and more.

Common Topics Covered: Publishing, marketing, branding, writing tips & tricks, culture, mindset.

Link to Get Started: Yes, branding is important for authors of all genres, whether you’re writing a novel or a nonfiction piece. Learn the classic branding blunders authors make in this episode.

Manuscript Wish List Podcast 

This writing podcast interviews agents, editors, and authors, focusing primarily on important publishing topics.

Common Topics Covered: Publishing, marketing, writing tips & tricks, mindset, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Keeping a reader’s attention is one of the most challenging things a writer does! In the episode entitled “Writing a Manuscript that Gets & Keeps Everyone’s Attention”, hear from agent Linda Camacho about this important topic.

Writing Coach Podcast with Ann Kroeker

Do you need a writing coach? This writing podcast has got you covered, offering interviews on a wide variety of topics. Past topics have included writing book proposals, understanding writing strengths, generating valid ideas, improving your work, and more.

Common Topics Covered: Writing tips & tricks, publishing, marketing, style, creativity.

Link to Get Started: Ann says there are three pillars to building your best writing life. Those pillars are: curiosity, creativity, and productivity. Learn more about what she means in episode #209.

The Portfolio Life Podcast with Jeff Goin‪s‬

One of the most recognizable names in the writing world, Jeff Goins produces an amazing podcast, focused on marketing and creativity topics for writers.

Common Topics: Marketing, publishing, creativity, productivity, inspiration.

Link to Get Started: You’ve probably heard that having an email list is important for every online business. But how does that work if you’re a creative? This episode provides tips.

The Segilola Salami Show

This UK podcast mimics a talk show or coffee shop conversation, and it covers topics related to writing, publishing, marketing, and more.

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, publishing, marketing, mindset, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Considering self-publishing? You’ll appreciate this episode with Mark O Piggot.

Worldslinger Podcast with Kevin Tumlinson

This podcast is focused on indie publishing, where Kevin interviews authors and pulls out gems that will help you start or grow your own writing career.

Common Topics: Author interviews, publishing, marketing, mindset.

Link to Get Started: Yes, talent is important too! Check out episode #203 to learn more. 

Sell More Books Show with Bryan Cohen & H. Claire Taylor

Here’s another podcast focused on self-publishing! Topics include understanding social media etiquette, using Etsy, scheduling blocks, expanding your reach, reading fine print, and other pertinent topics. Episodes also keep you abreast of current industry news.

Common Topics: Publishing, marketing, book launching, branding, legal considerations, current events.

Link to Get Started: Having trouble formatting your book? Check out episode #356, which includes tips for beating formatting stress.

The Story Studio Podcast for Self-Published Authors 

Focused on becoming a better storyteller, this podcast focuses on indie publishing, with all of its interesting twists and turns. Listen for interviews with other authors and tricks for writing and marketing.

Common Topics: Culture, writing tips & tricks, author interviews, marketing, publishing.

Link to Get Started: Wondering what the self-publishing industry is like in 2021? Check out this closing episode of the series to find out. 

The Self Publishing Show Podcast with Mark Dawson & James Blatch

This is a top-notch podcast from a bestselling author, focusing on the self-publishing world. It features author interviews, publishing tips, and marketing strategies.

Common Topics: Marketing, publishing, mindset, productivity.

Link to Get Started: Don’t just be content with publishing your book. Episode #261 teaches you how to turn your book into a Hallmark movie too!

Writing Niches & Genres

Longform Podcast

Nonfiction writing and journalism has a unique perspective on the writing journey. This podcast interviews nonfiction writers on how they tell those stories.

Common Topics Covered: Journalism, storytelling, writing tips & tricks, style, author interviews.

Link to Get Started: Wright Thompson, one of the authors interviewed on this podcast, wrote an interesting book called Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, & the Things that Last. Check out podcast episode #421 to hear more from him.

Mythcreants Podcast

If you’re into fantasy and science fiction storytelling, finally there’s a podcast just for you! This very practical podcast discusses storytelling techniques as applied to these unique genres, while also teaching you how to produce the most polished work possible.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, writing tips & tricks, style, mindset, creativity, science fiction.

Link to Get Started: Talented writers often put layers into their work, telling multiple stories at a time (without distracting one from the other). Learn about this kind of multitasking in storytelling, found in episode #305.

The Writers Panel Podcast with Ben Blacker

If you’re interested in writing for television, you’ll want to check out this podcast! Ben interviews writers, producers, and other important people, and I’m sure you’ll pick up some valuable information when you listen here.

Common Topics: Author interviews, screenwriting.

Link to Get Started: If you’re a fan of the X-Files, check out this Vince Gilligan episode. 

Writing for Children Podcast with The Institute of Children’s Literature

Do you want to write stories and books for children instead of adults? This podcast is devoted to children’s literature and related writing topics, providing a good mix of practical tips and author interviews specifically surrounding this genre.

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, literature, author interviews, publishing, marketing, children’s books.

Link to Get Started: Even picture books need structure! Learn more in Writing for Children #215 here.  

The Misfit’s Guide to Writing Indie Romance with Eliza Peake & Adrienne Bell 

If you write fiction, there is a good possibility that you’ve considered writing romance, because it is so widespread. But what are some things you should know about this genre? This is a very practical podcast focused on structuring your work, following best practices, publishing your book, and more.

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, story structure, storytelling, character arc, style, romance writing.

Link to Get Started: If you’ve finished your book, how do you get it into the hands of your eager readers? Episode #119 discusses vendors and distribution. 

Scriptnotes Podcast with John August & Craig Mazin

If you’re a screenwriter, you’re going to want to check out this podcast! Inside the episodes, you will find advice for writing screenplays, breaking into the industry, and uncovering successful screenwriter’s secrets.

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, inspiration, author interviews, style, storytelling, screenwriting.

Link to Get Started: Pacing and timing is everything in storytelling. In episode #484, the podcast considers how screenwriters can use timing to its greatest potential.

Literature & Author Interviews 

The Writing Life Podcast from the National Centre for Writing

This UK podcast interviews authors and picks their brains for interesting tidbits, stories, and techniques. Famous authors featured in the past have included Jackie Kay, Sara Collins, Sarah Perry, Elif Shafak, and more.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, story structure, character arc, style, writing tips & tricks, literature, author stories.

Link to Get Started: Let’s face it – dialogue can be a little tricky to write well. In this episode, Chris Beckett explores different dialogue styles.

The Drunken Odyssey 

Dating back to 2012, The Drunken Odyssey is a podcast that talks about literature and creative writing, all in its own unique flavor. The podcast primarily features interviews with novelists, poets, journalists, and other writers.

Common Topics Covered: Storytelling, literature, author stories, culture, writing tips & tricks.

Link to Get Started: Episode #446 with Phil Klay is just one example of the many different genres of writing available to us. Listen to the episode here.

Beautiful Writers Podcast with Linda Sivertsen

If you want to hear from some of the most famous and bestselling authors, this is the podcast for you! Linda (AKA, Book Mama) brings the inside stories to you.

Common Topics: Author interviews, creativity, mindset, inspiration.

Link to Get Started: If you want a good overview of what this podcast offers, check out the 2020 Best Of episode! 

The Literary Salon with Damian Barr

If you’re looking for an interesting podcast to inspire you, check this out! It features 120+ interviews, where authors read from their own work in front of a live audience.

Common Topics: Author interviews, literature, audiobooks.

Link to Get Started: For a heartfelt story of a little boy set in 1980s Glasgow, check out this episode with Douglas Stuart. 

DIY MFA Radio Podcast with Gabriela Pereira

A master of fine arts can be broken down into three categories: writing, reading, and community. This podcast is dedicated to being the “campus radio station” where Gabriela interviews authors, publishing experts, and others!

Common Topics: Literature, author interviews, publishing, marketing, branding, inspiration, creativity.

Link to Get Started: What’s the secret writing an enthralling page turner? In episode #312, Laura Hankin gives tips for keeping readers guessing, using plot twists and surprises.

The Writer Files with Kelton Reid

If you want to become a productive and creative writer, check out this podcast! Kelton studies successful writers to learn their secrets and tricks of the trade.

Common Topics: Publishing, productivity, mindset, creativity, author interviews.

Link to Get Started: Learn how to submit your short story to literary magazines in this episode. 

First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing with Mitzi Rapkin 

This podcast provides interviews hosted by Mitzi Rapkin. Podcast guests include fiction authors, non-fiction authors, essay writers, and poets.

Common Topics: Author interviews.

Link to Get Started: This episode from February 2021 offers a perspective from Ben Okri, a poet, playwright, and film writer.

The Bestseller Experiment Podcast

This podcast features interviews with other writers, to help you become a bestselling author yourself.

Common Topics: Author interviews, publishing, book launching, mindset.

Link to Get Started: Writers can feel lonely sometimes, especially during lockdowns. Episode #296 discusses this very topic.

Misc. Writing Podcasts

The Writing University Podcast

A bit different than many of the podcasts on our list, this podcast features recordings from the Eleventh Hour Lecture Series, which was hosted at the University of Iowa’s Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

Common Topics: Inspiration, author interviews, lectures.

Link to Get Started: How does visual art inform writing? Learn the answer in episode #124.

I Should Be Writing Podcast

With a name that strikes a chord in the heart of every writer, this podcast has been around since 2005. During that time, she has interviewed writers and shared her own writing journey along the way.

Common Topics: Storytelling, productivity, author interviews, writing tips & tricks.

Link to Get Started: In writing, characters have needs AND wants. Learn more about this topic in Season 17, Episode 7. 

The Creative Penn Podcast 

This excellent podcast features all kinds of important topics for writers, including less-common topics like maintaining your health, understanding copyright, working in a world of artificial intelligence, building a healthy business mindset, creating audiobooks, and so much more.

Common Topics: Marketing, publishing, mindset, inspiration, culture, business strategy, author interviews, health.

Link to Get Started: Artificial intelligence is becoming a more important part of our modern lives, so several episodes of The Creative Penn Podcast focus on this topic. Learn about co-writing with artificial intelligence in this episode. 

The Writer’s Digest Podcast

This podcast doesn’t appear to be posting new episodes anymore, but it’s still worth an honorable mention here. It has a short archive of episodes hosted by one of the more recognizable writing websites out there.

Common Topics: Author interviews, style, writing tips & tricks.

Link to Get Started: From a pencil + paper to more modern laptops, writing technology has changed a lot over the years, but you may still find this episode helpful.

How Do You Write? Podcast with Rachael Herron

This podcast opens the door into a world of writing through episodes and interviews with other writers, focusing heavily on storytelling. Episode topics have included finding an editor, writing with OCD, and so much more.

Common Topics: Writing tips & tricks, author interviews, creativity, inspiration, mindset, editing, style, storytelling.

Link to Get Started: Sometimes, getting started is the most difficult step! Learn how to begin in episode #221.

Writing Podcasts: Have Something to Add?

The podcasting world changes frequently. Do you have a new favorite podcast for writers that we should add to this list? Let us know! 

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