24 Gardening Blogs to Jumpstart Your Green Thumb

By Jen McOwen

July 26, 2021

gardening blogs

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Do you have a green thumb? Even if you don’t yet, there’s hope for you! Gardening isn’t reserved for those who feel more natural with helping plants grow. With some guidance, anyone—even you!—can have their own garden, feed their family, and become more self-sustaining along the way. 

Whether you’re brand new to gardening, or you’re more experienced and looking for some answers, here are 24 gardening blogs to help you up your gardening game!

Blogs About Starting a Garden

So you have some room to start a garden—which can be inside or outside, by the way—but now what? What do you plant? And when do you plant it? These gardening blogs are perfect for you if you’re ready to get going but don’t know where to start.

Growing & Preserving Food Blogs

Once you’ve grown more comfortable with gardening, you’ll realize you may actually have more food than you can actually eat! Instead of letting all those fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste, there are many different ways you can preserve them. Here are some blogs to help you learn how to preserve what you’ve grown, so those yummy foods are already waiting for you next season!

Recipe Blogs

One of the best things about gardening is being able to literally enjoy the fruits of your labor! Looking for recipes or creative ways to cook using the food you just harvested from your garden? These blogs have tips for other aspects of gardening, but they also have the best recipes based around what you can grow in your garden.

Sustainability Blogs

Oftentimes, gardeners desire to also be more self-sustainable. After learning how to garden and feed your family without going to the store every other day, are you wondering what else you can make from home instead of buying it? These blogs aren’t strictly gardening blogs, but they will also teach you how to save money by making your own clothes, household and hygiene products, and more!

Ready to Start Your Own Garden?

It’s never too early—or too late—to start gardening or learning how to become more self-sustaining. These gardening blogs are exactly what you need to start or improve your garden today!

Looking for tips on how to grow specific things in your garden? Here are some posts to help you grow celery or garlic no matter where you live!

Author Bio

Jen McOwen is a mom of two and Ultimate Bundle’s Quality Control Specialist. When she’s not working or homeschooling her almost 8-year-old son, you’ll find her outside on sunny days, playing board games on rainy days, and reading a book every day in between!

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