Meet Your Hosts

Jessica Evans
CEO / Chief Inspiration Officer

Jessica Evans is the Owner of Ultimate Bundles. Before that, she was an affiliate and customer as well as the Customer Happiness Manager, so her roots run deep with UB. Her blog, Follow My Arrow, sparked the entrepreneur bug she now has, and it only seems to be growing with her new role as Chief Inspiration Officer. When she’s not working, you can find her getting into mischief with her husband D.J. and their daughters Hayden and Taylor somewhere outdoors.

Jen McOwen
Director of Partnership Engagement

Jen lives in Indianapolis with her husband and two kids. She loves dance parties and tickle fights with her kids, playing strategic board games with her husband, obsessing over books, and getting to know her neighbors and her community.

Kyle Young
Director of Marketing

Kyle Young is the Director of Marketing for Ultimate Bundles. When he’s not working he’s usually out and about doing fun things with his wife Haley and his daughter Sage. Occasionally you’ll find him at the golf course.

Meet Your Speakers

Alison Lumbatis
Define Your Style + Discover Your Confidence

Alison Lumbatis is an empowerment influencer, entrepreneur and best-selling author. She’s attracted an audience of millions to her Get Your Pretty On website and has served over 100,000 members through the Outfit Formulas personal styling program. A thought leader in the personal style and confidence arenas, Alison empowers women and business leaders to show up as the best version of themselves in order to make a bigger impact. She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Redbook and Life & Style.

Amira Irfan, Esq.
7 Productivity Hacks to Maximize Your Workday!

Internationally renowned Amira Irfan is the business lawyer, blogger, and coach behind A Self Guru, an online company that has been featured around the world for helping entrepreneurs in legally protecting their businesses through its affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured in 200 media outlets such as Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Business Digest Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, US Times Now, and more!

Beth Learn
Go After Your Fitness: Motivation Vs. Discipline

Beth Learn is the CEO, founder, and lead instructor of Fit2B Studio and where she has worked tirelessly since 2010 to integrate diastasis recti rehabilitation into mainstream fitness styles. She has traveled the world as a speaker and educator, fostering world-wide collaborations for her Fit2b Radio podcast, Ecourses, and hundreds of streaming workout videos. Her courses include Experts In Diastasis Recti, Proactive Perimenopause, 14 Days to A Better Neck, Get your Glutes In Gear, Comforting The Core: Moving through Miscarriage & Infant Loss, and many others which can all Fit2B. Beth has been immersed in the fitness industry since she began working in athletic clubs in 1995. She became a certified group fitness instructor in 1997 and received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State University in 2001. Since then, she has trained and certified in a wide variety of fitness specialities including: Yoga, Pilates, Level 1 Hypopressives, aerobics, spinning, weightlifting, prenatal/postpartum fitness, restorative exercise, and she is an endorsed Tummy Team Fitness Professional. Beth is happiest when she’s helping people understand their bodies, overcome their fear of fitness, and learn how to move in freedom and simplicity. She enjoys teaching locally, consulting online, and her hobbies include reading historical fiction, race walking, skiing, hiking, and growing blueberries and goats on her small farm with her husband and two children.

Cara Harvey
The Super Simple Timeblocking Method to Conquer Your Day

Cara is a wife, mom to a 15-year-old stepson, 6-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son, and a woman of God. She works as a mom empowerment coach and her mission is to provide women with the tools, resources, and community to reach their goals, empower themselves, find their happiness, and live a life by design. She does this via her blog, podcast, virtual community groups, and e-courses that help women learn to balance their lives, finances, schedules, health, and themselves!

Chris Carter
How Goal-Getters Use Simple Data to Drive Smart Decisions / How Goal-Getters Master Their Metrics / How Goal-Getters Nail Their Numbers

Chris Carter is a business development specialist with two decades of experience in helping clients streamline their marketing and sales systems to generate more revenue. Chris educates, trains, and coaches employees who are just starting an online business, but don’t have a business background. She helps them understand the big picture of what it will take to launch their biz so they can stop struggling to get their company off the ground and create a clear plan for investing their precious TIME, ENERGY and MONEY. Operating from her core belief “the first wealth is health,” Chris delivers all-star business training that prepares entrepreneurs to win at building the business of their dreams while prioritizing their wellbeing. A proud dog Mom and shameless CrossFit enthusiast, when she’s not working on her biz you can find Chris challenging her limits at the gym or hiking the trails with her canine personal trainers, Holly, Jack, and Sully.

Dr Orlena
How Looking After Yourself is Looking After Your Business

Dr Orlena trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK. She is a mom of 4 and now a health coach. She helps women lead a healthy life they love so they can have bucket loads of energy, get a body they’re proud of and lead a long and healthy life.

Gael Wood
How to Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals!

Gael Wood – Coach, Entrepreneur and Author Gael Wood is a massage and spa professional with over 25 years’ experience. She opened a day spa and massage center in 2003, and launched her first online business in 2013, then in 2016 she retired from hands-on massage to concentrate on creating online training, coaching and courses. She is co-host and co-founder of the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summits and The Work Freedom Summit and was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame and featured as a Massage Magazine All-Star in 2019. Gael has created 60+ online courses, Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs, Massage and Spa Resource Bundles, and 15 eBooks.

Helene Sula
Achieving Work Goals While Traveling

Helene quit the corporate world and packed up two suitcases, two dogs, and she and her husband moved from Dallas, Texas to Heidelberg, Germany- a country she’d never stepped foot in. The purpose was to travel Europe, write about her travels, and encourage others to live out their dreams. Now, she’s back in Texas to continue blogging, write a book, and travel America. Helene has a passion for photography and capturing the moment. She has helped 1,000s of other bloggers build and grow their brand through tried and tested strategies she learned while working in digital brand strategy, social media marketing, and advertising. Helene has been featured on national and international TV, radio, and was just featured in Business Insider for the growth of her blog and online courses.

Jennifer Roskamp
Pivoting When Things Go Wrong

Jennifer Roskamp is a homeschooling mom of 9 & Gigi of one who is passionate about helping women and moms put to rest the Instagram ideal of perfection and embrace stepping into reality…which is accepting that achieving perfection is an ideal that NO ONE can meet. She is also the founder and creator of The Intentional Mom where she also works as a money coach, everyday life guide, and a “learn from my mistakes” kind of mentor who isn’t afraid to say she’s not perfect.

Jenny Eden Berk
Intuitive & Mindful Eating Secrets for Joyful Eating!

Jenny Eden Berk, MSEd is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Culinary Nutritionist and Best selling Author of book, The Body Image Blueprint. She is the founder of Jenny Eden Coaching, a practice devoted to helping women, men and teens heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She specializes in emotional & binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices. She helps sensitive and soulful women release chronic stress, restore body confidence, eat consciously and heal their relationship with food.

Jessica Litman
Organizing Your Business to Success

Jessica Litman—known as “The Organized Mama” and recognized by as an “organizing and DIY expert”—has been encouraging families to not only embrace their homes but also how to incorporate fun-and-easy home organizational habits that every family member can do. As an online personality and teacher, her work featured in, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine, Apartment Therapy and The Spruce. And her book, Home Sweet Organized Home is available at a bookstore near you.

JoAnn Crohn
5 Steps to Mastering Your Parenting Goal of Being More Patient With Your Kids

JoAnn Crohn, M. Ed is a parenting coach and educator who helps moms feel confident in everything from raising empowered, self-sufficient kids to dropping the anxiety and guilt out of modern parenthood. She’s an accomplished writer, author, podcast host of the No Guilt Mom podcast, and speaker, appearing in national media and founder of the company, No Guilt Mom Her specialty is talking to both parents and kids – with her self-paced digital courses in handling big emotions, getting kids to help out more, creating a morning routine and conquering the homework drama. JoAnn is a former elementary school teacher with a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a National Board Certified Teacher in Middle Childhood Education. She’s a mom to 2 kids – ages 13 and 9.

Jodi Graham
How To Plan So You Can Get More Done

Jodi is a Productivity Coach working with online business owners and solopreneurs who are stuck in inaction due to confusion and overwhelm. During their work together they discover how to translate their to-do lists, projects and goals into doable and actionable steps so that they can create a consistent pipeline of clients and income. She is all about making the most of life and believes that in order to do that you’ve got to be productive and intentional with your time. Experiences are unlimited, time is not. Make the most of your life by making the most of your time. What Jodi love most in the world (besides than saving time): 🧘‍♀️ Yoga 📚 Reading 🔮 Woo-woo ✈️ Travelling

Julie Schooler
Why SMART Goals are Dumb

Julie Schooler is an author of 10 self-help and parenting books, speaker, author coach and mama of 2 beautiful tiny humans. She wants busy people to have all the love, energy and fun they deserve without the guilt or overwhelm so she is on a mission to help you understand your true self, rediscover your sparkle and make the most of your one precious life. Julie lives with her family in New Zealand, a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world, where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie.

Kalyn Brooke
From Goal Setter to Goal Getter: 5 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Falling Short and How to Finally Achieve Success

Kalyn Brooke is the author of Practical Dreamer: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Crush Your Goals Six Weeks at a Time and the founder of, where she helps thousands of women support their mental health through life-giving structure, organization and routines. Kalyn currently travels full-time with her husband, Joseph, and two bunnies in their remodeled RV.

Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui
From Life Vision to Imperfect Action: How to practice values-aligned living for a joyful and sustainable life

Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui (she/her) works as a writer, Holistic Embodiment Coach + Joyful Living Educator. She helps her clients and community members learn to feel safe, at home + joyful in their body and their life in every season. Even the hardest of them. She lives near the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Laura Burton
Creating Actionable Steps to Reach a Goal

Laura Burton is an organization obsessed, planner-loving craft blogger who takes a creative approach to organization and productivity. As a busy mom, she knows how easy it can be to push your own goals aside for others. She focuses on teaching people how to create easy, actionable steps to finally achieve their goals.

Laura Shaw
How to Reach Your Home Management Goals with Sustainable Systems

Laura Shaw is a productivity coach who works with busy moms to create sustainable systems for managing home, business, and life. As a busy mom of two rambunctious young boys herself, Laura knows what it’s like to feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day. That’s why she’s so passionate about helping others organize their days well so they have more time to dedicate to what matters most. Laura has been featured as an organization and productivity expert on platforms such as Redfin and Ultimate Bundles.

Lisa Woodruff
Learn How to Organize Your Home – tackling Your Paper Tsunami

Lisa Woodruff is the founder and CEO of Organize 365®, whose mission is to help people take back their time at home with maintainable organization systems & functional organizing so that they can spend their days doing the work they were uniquely created to do! With over 16 million downloads, the Organize 365® Podcast is transforming people’s, mindsets & lives with Lisa’s passion for functional organizing combined with her encouragement and humor. Lisa can help you too reclaim your home and finally get organized once and for all.

Mim Jenkinson
How to Set Up Your Planner for Ultimate Goal-Getting Success

Mim Jenkinson is planner-obsessed sticker-maker, printables creator, online business coach, podcaster at “The Planner Podcast”, app creator, 5-Star Etsy seller, author, blogger and … the LEAST busy person she knows! She’s taught over 4000 people worldwide how to create perfect planner stickers from scratch – and many of her students have gone on to build their online business empire. Mim hosts “Create + Co-Work Club”: a planning + accountability club for creatives who want to create time for the projects that are important to them. If you’re ready to finally to get results (and get creative!) with your digital products or online business, Mim is your girl.

Nadalie Bardo
How to Conquer Procrastination and Slay Your Goals

Nadalie Bardo is here to help you slay your goals, so you can pursue your boss life with confidence + action. As the Founder of It’s All You Boo, a personal development blog, she curates the very best content to keep you motivated and inspired to slay your goals in life and business. Her first book, Conquer Procrastination, is now available wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Rebekah Saltzman
5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Personal Organization expert, Rebekah Saltzman holds a degree in Fashion Design from Parson School of Design, and turned her side hustle of helping people declutter and organize their homes and businesses, into a full time business 10 years ago. In addition to decluttering and organization, Rebekah can teach you how to reduce your waste, run your small business efficiently, and how to be a personal organizer! She is also the author of Organized Jewish Life. 

Rosemarie Groner
How to keep your house clean, even if you’ve never been able to before.

Rosemarie Groner has been featured on Country Living, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fox Business, and Rockstar Finance and has taught over 18 million people how to budget and save money (even if they’re a total hot mess). She teaches how to get the best results with the least amount of effort and specializes in the toughest cases of chronic disorganization.

Sagan Morrow
Anti-hustle Method for Achieving Goals

Sagan Morrow is an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist and internationally board-certified Success Coach who helps solopreneurs and multi-passionate creatives save 10+ hours every single week, maximize productivity based on their personality, and take strategic action to finally achieve their goals—without burning out or succumbing to overwhelm. Sagan uses her signature anti-hustle productivity methods and a hybrid approach of coaching, consulting, and teaching to create customized, actionable strategies that are designed for each client’s unique life/business.

Tracy Lynn
Clutter Quick Tips That Will Transform Your Home

Tracy Lynn is the founder of, where she teaches readers how to remove the clutter from their homes in just minutes a day. Her unique approach to breaking things down with her Declutter in Minutes formula helps folks create a plan they can stick to no matter how busy they are. Not all clutter is created equal and sometimes a small closet can be just as intimidating as a full room. But there is good news and that is the power of small decluttering steps. Arm yourself with a plan and start making progress in creating a home you love.


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