Meet the Team

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We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got the best. team. ever. Made up of passionate, brilliant folks who do dedicated work from their respective homes in Canada, United States, Australia and beyond, we’d love to introduce you to the people behind the bundles...

Ryan Langford

Chief Bundling Officer

Ryan loves jumping out of planes, working with entrepreneurs and this team, adventuring with his wife and 5 kids, and bundling products from amazing authors.

Stephanie Langford

Director of Branding

Coffee aficionado and world traveler, Stephanie dreams up beautiful websites, videos and marketing copy between homeschooling her 5 kids and giggling over Friends reruns with Ryan.

Tim Davidson

Director of Operations

Tim has a black belt in telling bad jokes. He coordinates and drives the team, ensuring that our bundles get to you as planned.

Mandi Ehman

Director of Partnerships

Mandi spends her days making friends and looking for ways to create 360-degree wins for Ultimate Bundles partners.

Elizabeth Clouser

System Architect/Lead Web Developer

Elizabeth sets up the back-end technical stuff that keeps the bundles flowing. Unruly keyboards and writing tricky code are no match for her mad skills.

Graydon Langford

Technical Engineer

Graydon sets up the back-end and develops new tools to make each bundle a success, randomly smashing his keyboard and hoping good code comes out. Don't tell Tim.

Caroline McGrath

Business and Lifestyle Specialist

Caroline is happiest in organized chaos, doing lots of things at once. She helps to keep all sorts of cogs turning and tries to leave everyone with a smile on their face.

Monica Kenney

Bonus Partner & Affiliate Manager

Monica recruits bonus partners and assists with affiliate communications. Connecting brands and businesses to build win-win relationships fuels her passion for business development.

Christina Tiplea

Research & Recruitment Coordinator

Christina loves the beach, country music, & her babies. She is our Supersleuth whose mission is to find awesome resources to include in our bundles.

Carly Levingston

Recruitment Administrator

Carly helps gather all the pieces that eventually become the fabulous bundles you love and enjoy! Proud Texan, mama through adoption, and lover of coffee!

Kelly Seaton

Customer Happiness Manager

Kelly hails from Colorado with her husband and three children. Being outdoors or exercising ensures her smiles radiates as she answers your customer service questions.

Heather Hayes

Customer Happiness Specialist

Heather is a work at home mom outside of Nashville, where she works for 100% customer happiness, ensuring customers can access their bundles and live their best life!

Jessica Evans

Customer Happiness Specialist

Jessica has rad superhero powers. She can calm any customer service storm with a tap of her keyboard and click of her mouse!

Cassie Clouser

Visual Communication Designer

Cassie's our design wizard on tap. From UX + conversion optimization to web + graphic design, she crops it like it's hot.

Lisa Aberle

Content Strategist

When Lisa isn’t writing emails or newsletters, you can find her with her family or enjoying a sunset on her small farm.