The FREE 7-Day Healthy Eating Reboot Challenge.

Even if we started out the year with the best of intentions, we can all use a little healthy eating reboot by the time August rolls around. (Relaxed summer schedules and vacation cheat foods, anyone?)

This year, we decided to do something about that.

How the Healthy Eating Reboot Challenge works:

What: You’ll receive 7 daily emails, each with helpful tips and strategies for getting your kitchen and meals back on track for fall. Each email includes simple but effective challenges that you can complete in 20 minutes (or less!).

When: Friday, August 24 to Thursday, August 30th.

It wraps up before Labor Day weekend, and you’ll be ready to jump into September with an organized kitchen and ready-to-go meal plan!

How much: Nothing! This reboot challenge is totally free. 🙂

Who is it for: Everyone!

The tips and challenges work for every size household and anyone who wants to go into fall armed with simple strategies for preparing wholesome food with as little fuss as possible.

Why you won’t want to miss this challenge:

Led in collaboration with Katie Wells, the founder of, this free challenge is your chance to remind yourself why you want to eat healthy foods in the first place, and then learn some strategies to actually do that!

After you complete the challenge, you’ll have:

  • An organized, healthier pantry (you might be surprised at some of the things Wellness Mama calls unhealthy)
  • A list of healthy breakfast ideas (and one common breakfast staple that shouldn’t be on your list)
  • Tips to make healthy meal prep faster and easier than ever (as well as some secret weapons no mom should be without)
  • Ideas to make everyday lunches a no-brainer (and super healthy, too!)
  • A super simple method for finding meals to cook that your family will love








Join the challenge here!

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