Why should I become an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate?

Incredible value

Your readers will thank you. Every bundle is an incredible value for your readers, and is available for a steep discount of 90-97% off.

You’ll make a generous commission on each sale. For every bundle that your readers buy, you’ll earn a 40% commission.

These bundles sell like hot cakes! Because they’re such a great value, and on a range of topics that your readers are interested in, our bundles are a no-brainer purchase for many people.

You’ll learn about marketing from the best. Before each bundle, we offer free marketing training to our affiliates to help them get the most from their sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid?
Payments are sent to every author and affiliate via PayPal on the 11th of the second month after the sale date. That means January earnings will be sent on March 11th, February's will be sent April 11th, and so on.
How do I apply?
We’re glad you asked! Please tell us a little bit about yourself in the form below.
How will I know if I’m accepted as a affiliate?
You will get a reply quickly via email.

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