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Monday, May 15th

9 AM Eastern

Personal Branding – The Importance of Humanizing Your Brand

with Sophie Konop

10 AM Eastern

Stop Being The Chief Everything Officer and Start Being The CEO

with Danielle Levy

11 AM Eastern

Standing Out In A Sea Of Professionals

with Paula Pwul

1 PM Eastern

3 Costly Legal Mistakes to Avoid as an Influencer

with Amira Irfan

2 PM Eastern

How To Create A Personal Brand Confidently

with Julie DeLucca-Collins

3 PM Eastern

Hot Button Legal Topics for Influencers

with Kimberly DeCarrera 

4 PM Eastern

Reimagining Yourself: Entering a New Playing Field

with Melissa Mittelstaedt

5 PM Eastern

Xponential Insider – Building Your Personal Brand

with Kevin Harrington

Tuesday, May 16th

9 AM Eastern

Too Old To Be An Influencer? Not At All

with Mikaela Walker

10 AM Eastern

Managing Facebook Groups To Build Relationships With Your Ideal Clients

with Deasha Waddup

11 AM Eastern

3 Ways To Drive Sales Via Instagram

with Jav Sid

1 PM Eastern

Cash In With A Sponsor Demo Day

with Brandi Mahon

2 PM Eastern

Micro-Influencing: Creating and Growing a Community without a Massive Amount of Followers

with Jenna Dancy

3 PM Eastern

17 ways to gain leads NOW using events, which is right for you?

with Shay Wheat

Wednesday, May 17th

9 AM Eastern

Future Proof Your Business by Starting a Podcast

with Megan Porta

10 AM Eastern

Overcoming Fear of Visibility/Being on Camera for Anxious Introverts

with Faith Mariah

11 AM Eastern

How Being A Published Author Elevates Your Opportunities and Expert Status

with Gael Wood

1 PM Eastern

Learn To Love Talking On Camera

with Abigail King

2 PM Eastern

Smart Tips for Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Brand

with Heather Ritchie

3 PM Eastern

Commanding the Stage from a 2x TEDx Speaker

with Katie Kimball, CSME

Thursday, May 18th

9 AM Eastern

Business Design with Human Design

with Jamie Palmer

10 AM Eastern

How to Build Your Brand and Present It Like A 5-star Restaurant

with Cherelle German

11 AM Eastern

Build Your Personal Brand – Intensive Workshop and Create Your Own Strategy to Optimize Your Brand to Increase Sales and Profitability.

with Mike Michalowicz

1 PM Eastern

How To Land Paid Press Trips

with Jessie Festa

2 PM Eastern

Attracting Your Dream Brands without Selling Out

with Jenny Melrose

3 PM Eastern

Creating a Simple Sales Uterus

with Kathy Stowell

Friday, May 19th

9 AM Eastern

The Business Equation to Double Your Sales & Standout as an Online Business Owner

with Hailey Rowe

10 AM Eastern

Creating income through Affiliate Marketing as a Travel Influencer

with Diana Hughes

11 AM Eastern

How to Create a Full-Time Income with a Service-Based Business

with Blaire Brown

1 PM Eastern

Earn Dollars, Not Likes

with Ruth Soukup

2 PM Eastern

6 Figure Aligned Wealth Roadmap

with Alison Reeves

3 PM Eastern

How to Scale Your Income and Influence with Digital Products and Sales Funnels

with Becky Kopitzke

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