Presentation Schedule

Get excited because this lineup is incredible! Below you’ll find the summit schedule.

All sessions will be available at 12 AM ET on their listed day. They will be accessible for 24 hours unless the Ultimate Access Pass has been purchased.

Wednesday, July 12th

Stress Eating Cessation Secrets: How to calm your nervous system, stop stress eating and transform your relationship with food  with Jenny Eden Berk, MSEd

The Depression and Infection Connection + my Vitamin D Protocol to Curb Anxiety and Depression  with Lacy Lain, FMCHC

??  with Dr. John Dempster, ND

Choose Different Thoughts For Less Stress with Frances Vidakovic

Stress and Nutrition with Katie Allaby

Thursday, July 13th

Confidence Mini-Class with Chris Carter

The three Rs to achieving goals without stress (rest, reset, restart) OR Stress less with a flexible plan for your goals with Gabe Cox

How To Go From Stressed to Zen with Kate Piscopo, Holistic Intuition Coach

The 6 Hidden Sources of Stress (and How to FIX Them) with Amber Curtis, PhD

Reducing Stress When You’re an Introvert with Tara Reid

Friday, July 14th

How to give your life a stress manicure with Alexx Stuart

Financial Zen: Mastering Stress-Free Money Management with Whitney Morrison

Shining a light on stress a simple way to reduce burnout with Dr Sandy Evans

Ancient Secrets to Reduce Stress with Dr. Juli Kramer

Using Planning as a Life-line During Stressful Times with MacKenzie Koppa