15-minute exercises to strengthen your mindset

Does the world around you ever feel chaotic and out of control? 

We’ve all been there. But here’s the good news…

Our happiness isn’t controlled by our circumstances. We get to decide what mindset we show up with every day. 

And if you’re looking for ways to experience more happiness and productivity, regardless of your situation, we can help.

We’ve partnered with 15 different experts to create The Ultimate Guide to More Joy and Less Stress.

In this 15-lesson masterclass, you’ll learn how to do amazing things like: 

  • Spot the silver linings in challenging situations
  • Clear your mind with a “brain dump”
  • Experience calm on demand with a 16-second meditation
  • Beat procrastination and overwhelm with “The 10 Minute Method”
  • Eat your way to a happier mindset (with the help of 5 amazing foods)
  • Truly receive compliments (and give more of them away)
  • And so much more!

And you’ll do all of it in just 15 minutes at a time, with the help of short, insightful lessons and easy, actionable exercises.

Get the guide for only $30

Backed By Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

Meet your Happy Mindset Coaches…


Low Tox Life

Spot the Silver Linings and Feel More Peace


High Performance Insider

Grow Your Confidence with Positive Visualization


Money in Matrimony

Experience More Gratitude Through Journaling


The Extraordinary Family Life

Feel More in Control with 100% Responsibility for Your Happiness


Building Confident Kids

Get More Done with Tiny Time Blocking


J Squared Wandering

Beat Procrastination with “The 10 Minute Method”


Tasting Page

Calm Down Fast with a 16-Second Meditation


Elevate Your 8

Become More Resilient by Shaking Off Bad Days


Liz Wilcox

Feel Good by Giving and Receiving Compliments


Gradual Minimalist

Make Peace with the Here and Now in 2 Steps


Seeds and Stalks

De-stress with an Amazing Cup of Homemade Tea


SO | Home

Get Organized with Small Acts of Decluttering


The CEOm

Breathe into Happiness and Optimism


Mind Body Aligned

Eat Your Way to a Happier Mindset


Simply Wella

Clear Your Mind with a Brain Dump

Questions you might be asking…

How is an Ultimate Guide different from an Ultimate Bundle?

Some topics, like blogging or homemaking, are very multi-faceted. And because they involve so many distinct topics, they’re best covered by bundles of resources. 

Other, more specific, topics, like building a happy mindset, benefit from a more direct approach. 

In Ultimate Guides, we’re still curating the wisdom of experts we trust. But instead of giving you a bundle of eBooks and eCourses, we’re giving you 15 straightforward lessons for fast results.

How long will it take to finish this guide?

If you want, you can complete a new lesson every day, or you can spend a week or even a month repeating the same lesson — forming new, empowering habits. You’re in control, and whenever you decide to move forward, the next lesson will be ready for you. 

How are the lessons presented?

Each digital lesson can be experienced in video or PDF form. We’ve worked hard to make this content accessible in multiple formats, so you can experience the material in your preferred learning style. 

Who are the instructors teaching these lessons?

Inside this guide, you’ll learn a variety of strategies for dealing with stress and experiencing more joy. The lessons are taught by a diverse group of experts, including an herbalist and aromatherapist, a Certified Transformational Health Coach, a Chiropractor, bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and high performance coaches. All of these smart people are passionate about helping you experience more joy and less stress. 

What if I have questions that weren’t answered?

Ask us! We love answering your questions and helping you decide if this bundle is a good fit for you. You can email us at customerservice@ultimatebundles.com or use the live chat on the bottom right of this webpage. 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

We stand behind this ultimate guide 100%. 

If these lessons don’t upgrade your life and help you develop a happier mindset, simply email our customer service team within 30 days for a full refund.

You CAN Develop a Happier Mindset

Do you have big goals you long to achieve? 

Do you want to enjoy your life more and spend less time feeling stressed?

You have two options:

You can hope life will always be perfect and easy (HINT: It won’t be…) 

Or you can develop a resilient mindset to power you through the challenges and setbacks we all face. 

Strengthening your mindset takes time and practice, but with a series of clear, 15-minute exercises, you can move forward so much faster. 

So what are you waiting for? Get this Ultimate Guide today for just a dollar per lesson and start developing a mindset designed for more joy and less stress. 

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