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When we take care of ourselves, we don’t just feel better, we can actually be better – sharper, kinder, more energetic, more of top of things… Doesn’t that sound amazing?

How would you like to expand your self-care library with resources to help you:

  • Create a self-care plan you’ll actually stick with
  • Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and energy
  • Heal acne once and for all, naturally
  • Build a fashionable, functional wardrobe that works for your everyday life.
  • Slim down and feel great with healthy weight loss
  • And more!

We can help! We’ve created a mini bundle called:

10 Resources to Help You Destress, Recharge, and Treat Yo’ Self. ; )

Guess what’s inside the mini bundle — Women’s Health Masterclass!

Created by Wardeh Harmon, this extremely popular class normally costs $99. I’m so proud — and honestly kind of blown away — that we get to include it in this $12 mini bundle.

It comes with the incredibly thorough Women’s Health PDF eBook, 10 masterclass videos, and the bonus “Natural Cold Sore Remedies” PDF eBooklet.

The book alone is incredible! It includes topics spanning all the major stages of a woman’s life:

  • The Healthy Woman — for all ages
  • Motherhood: Fertility & Pregnancy — ages 20 to 40
  • Motherhood: Postpartum & Breastfeeding — ages 20 to 40
  • Womanhood: Pre-Menopause, Peri-Menopause, Menopause & Post-Menopause — ages 40s to 60s+
  • Nutrition, Herbs & Essential Oils For The Healthy Woman
  • Healthy Habits
  • What Every Woman (& Teenage Girl) Needs To Know
  • Balancing Hormones
  • PMS & Dysmenorrhea
  • Weight Loss & Insulin Resistance
  • PCOS & Endometriosis
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Health
  • Natural Remedies For Common Female Infections
  • Sexual Health
  • Natural Pregnancy Remedies, Nutrition & Birth Choices
  • The Joy Of Breastfeeding, including Nutrition & Exercise
  • Natural Postpartum Remedies
  • Menopause & Beyond

With the right health information and the right foods prepared, there’s no reason a woman can’t live a full, joyful life through ALL the ages and stages. The Women’s Health Masterclass shows you how to nourish your body, so you can “look good, feel good, and do good” at every stage of your life!

You’ll never see this class, much less all 10 of these resources (keep scrolling to see them all!), at a better price.

I’d hate for you to miss your chance to own them!

Many of these products were included in the 2018 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. If you have that, you already have most of these resources!

Remember, there are 9 more products in the mini bundle!

Healthy Aging Class Pack: Healthy Moving to Help You Feel Amazing in Your Body Today and for Decades to Come
by Jen Hoffman

Includes five Healthy Moving classes packed with unique exercises and flows to help you feel amazing in your body today and for decades to come.

Value: $29.97 Included

SAHM Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder
by Alison Lumbatis

A 20 piece capsule wardrobe program that gives you all the tools you need to build a fashionable, functional wardrobe that works for your every day life.

Value: $29.00 Included

Maximize Your Morning Routine
by Corina Holden

This class and workbook will give you the routine you need to make self-care a daily priority.

Value: $19.00 Included

The Busy Life Diet: Healthy Weight Loss for Women on the Go
by Gaye Christmus

Designed to help you lose weight in a healthy way and a reasonable amount of time, and to make the very best use of the time and energy you devote to healthy eating and weight loss.

Value: $9.95 Included

The Literary Medicine Cabinet: Your Guide to Self-Care Through Good Books
by Haley Stewart

Walks you through each step of creating the perfect list of comfort reads for your self-care.

Value: $7.99 Included

Clear Skin Secrets: 12 Steps to Clear Skin, Naturally
by Amie Skilton

A 12-Step Blueprint to heal your acne once and for all, naturally.

Value: $30.00 Included

Nourishing Nature: Beauty Recipes from the Garden
by Kristy Doubet Haare

Make beautiful nourishing products for your skin with all natural ingredients picked from the garden.

Value: $11.99 Included

My Yearly Self Care Planner
by Betsy Kay

This workbook adapts to whatever season of life you’re in, to help you remember to take care of yourself and develop daily practices that will nourish and sustain you.

Value: $9.99 Included

Self Care Workbook: For the Fiercely Independent Soul
by Christy Wilson

Features 24 pages of ideas, affirmations, tools and techniques to help you design your personal self-care routine.

Value: $10.00 Included

Every one of those products normally cost $11.97 (or more!) on their own. Altogether, these 10 resources are worth $234.97.

But inside The Self Care Mini Bundle, you can get them ALL at a 95% discount – for only $11.97 USD!

Ready to get your bundle?

Many of these products were included in the 2018 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. If you have that, you already have most of these resources!

Bonus: Get Free Cheat Sheets with This Mini Bundle!

We’ve created timesaving cheat sheets for the eBooks and eCourses in this mini bundle. They’re a great way to review the material in less time and discover the areas where you want to dive deeper. We usually sell our cheat sheets as a paid upgrade, but for you? They’re included for free!

Be Your Best Self More Often by Investing in Self-Care

With these resources, you can live your life with less stress and more joy. Which will be a blessing to you, your family, and everyone you come in contact with. So don’t listen to the inner critic who makes you feel guilty about investing in yourself. When you’re at your best, everyone wins. <3

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