Conquer your to-do list.

Reach your goals.

Free up more time for yourself.

Conquer your to-do list.

Reach your goals.

Free up more time for yourself.

68 personal productivity resources for only $67.

Make 2020
Your Most
Year Yet

Make 2020
Your Most
Year Yet

Do you have big goals for 2020? Things you want to accomplish? Areas of your life where you want to be more intentional?

I think we all do. But the truth is, most of us spend our days doing our best to just keep up, without any time for the things we love or the goals we want to achieve.

In fact, in a recent survey, 65% of our readers told us they feel behind, stressed, and overwhelmed ALL the time. And that’s hardly a recipe for a productive life.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

It’s all about setting yourself up
for a  successful year  by:

It’s all about setting yourself up for a  successful year  by:

Evaluating your life to identify the areas where you want to improve

Setting clear goals and priorities so you can live more intentionally

Organizing your home, schedule, and routines for a more streamlined life

Getting more done in less time by creating smarter systems

Developing a motivating mindset so you can be more positive and consistent

Overcoming challenges and setbacks so you can achieve the goals that really matter

How would your life change if those things were true? What would you do if you had more time and energy to accomplish what matters most to you?

Let us show you how to make it happen!

A Productivity
Bundle for
 real women 

A Productivity
Bundle for
 real women 

We know the disappointment of feeling like you aren’t checking all the boxes (and going to bed at night with allll the things you didn’t get done that day running through your tired mind).

The discouragement of feeling like you just. aren’t. enough. (no matter how hard you try).

BUT… (yes, there’s a but! Hang on!!! 😊 )

It IS possible to learn how to take better control of your schedule, create routines that help you thrive, streamline your home, live with more rest and balance, and see many of your big, audacious goals come true.

This isn’t about perfection. It’s not about #hustling your way through life.

Rather, it’s about making tweaks and adjustments to improve your weak areas. Using smarter strategies to stay on top of things. Knowing what to say “yes” and “no” to. Planning with more intention.

Mostly it’s about learning how to have a lot more GOOD days (and less bad ones).

We’ve got
you’re going
 to love… 

We’ve got
you’re going
 to love… 

To help you get there,

our Ultimate Bundles team scoured the internet for the very best eBooks, eCourses, workbooks, planners and more, all about leveling up your productivity and achieving your most important goals this year.

And TA-DA!!! We found 68 resources that were realistic (yes!), practical, and truly inspiring. Resources that can make your life more productive and joyful and less chaotic and stressful — at home and at work.

All together, these eBooks, eCourses and more are worth over $2,700!

But thanks to a special partnership with the smart people who created them, you can get the entire collection for only $67 in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

And if you’re looking for even faster results, we’ve got something you’re going to love…

Fast-Track Your Productivity with Handy  cheat sheets. 

We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve gone through every product in the bundle for you, pulled out the top tips and insights, and used them to create time-saving cheat sheets.

If reading an entire eBook or watching an eCourse is too much for you right now (the struggle is real), the cheat sheets can help you get started right away.

And even if you do have some free time, the cheat sheets are a great way to learn faster and find the products you want to dive deeper into.

Ready to supercharge

your productivity?

Get the bundle plus time saving cheat sheets for only $77 US.
Get The Ultimate Productivity Bundle for only $67 US.

Backed By Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

 What Past Customers Are Saying… 

 What Past Customers Are Saying 

“I loved learning how to be more productive, stay motivated and get more done.” —Vera

“Biggest benefit was how it was all nicely curated and laid out!! So you could determine which parts of the bundle appealed to you and your lifestyle!!” —Cassie

“This bundle was great to teach me how to better organize my time, to set goals and how to deal with time wasters and interruption. The courses on how to get the best from tools like Trello or journaling and planners really helped to make me more efficient. All I have learned and put in place has helped me run my household more smoothly allowing me to gain time to start a blog.” — Happy Customer

“I appreciate the organization and thought that went into creating this bundle. I like that I have access to so much material, but it’s not overwhelming because I can do it in small chunks.” —Marissa

“I love the helps for cleaning and home organization. I’m good at starting the year off well, but mid year I have so many commitments it’s hard to stay focused. The beautiful pages on these topics encourage me to keep going.” —Danielle

“The peace of mind knowing I have help and unending ideas to make my life more productive. It’s wonderful knowing I’m not the only one who struggles with it.” — Happy Customer

Get More Done — Every Day, All Day

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle will help you reclaim your time and supercharge your productivity morning, noon, and night. Here’s how:

Plan the perfect morning routine to start every day well

Set meaningful goals for your day, month & year

Write a strategic to-do list you can actually finish (hooray!)

Break through mental blocks keeping you from being confident and productive

Organize your life with printables checklists, charts & planners

Create schedules and systems for maintaining a clean, organized home

Get more done in less time by managing & tracking your time

Stay motivated throughout the day with a 21 Day Positive Mindset Challenge

Plan the perfect evening routine to end every day well

Train your kids to help you out around the house

Balance keeping your responsibilities & still spending time with family

Track and celebrate progress on long-term, quarterly goals

Wondering what products are


 in the bundle?

Inside the 2020 Ultimate Productivity Bundle you’ll find:
29 eCourses | 28 Workbooks & Printables | 10 eBooks | And more!

This category includes 4 eCourses, and 2 Workbooks & Printables.

Work by Design School
by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

The only complete productivity system that works in your REAL life – an online course that teaches real people with real lives to work smarter and earn more.

Value: $462.00 Included

The Smart Focus Method: Be Productive Not Busy
by Rachel Newcomb

Stop being busy and accomplish your goals through focused daily action.

Value: $37.00 Included

Time Blocking 101
by Donna Shenk

This workbook will help you creating structure in your days so you can manage your tasks well. Time blocking is a method that encourages focus by eliminating distractions, helping you to get more done.

Value: $6.00 Included

Time Management Mindset Shift
by Laura Shaw

Learn how to shift your mindset so you can manage your time well in a way that’s realistic for your busy life.

Value: $7.00 Included

Productivity Powerhouse
by Sagan Morrow

Your roadmap to reducing overwhelm and improving focus, enabling you to do more in less time by maximizing your time and energy.

Value: $200.00 Included

Busy Woman’s Daily Planner
by Susie Glennan

An electronic, downloadable, and printable day planner for women.

Value: $34.99 Included

This category includes 1 eBook, 5 eCourses, and 2 Workbooks & Printables.

Goal Setting for Greater Balance & Purpose in Your Home
by Jami Balmet

This goal setting course is Gospel centered, grace filled, and goal oriented to help you make the most of your goals.

Value: $29.95 Included

Create Your Own 30 Day Challenge
by Kerry Beck

Spark creativity & put some excitement in your life when you create your own 30 day challenge.

Value: $27.00 Included

by Greg Denning

This 3.5 hr audio program is a serious wake-up call for all of us to GET OUT AND LIVE.

Value: $12.00 Included

Quarterly Planning with Trello Masterclass
by Cara Harvey

A step by step system how you can create a digital goal system that works!

Value: $19.00 Included

Simply Focused Workbook
by Julianna Poplin

Designed to help you create your goals and an action plan to work towards them.

Value: $27.00 Included

Spark Success: Goal Setting Made Simple
by Marva Smith

A simple system for setting goals that stick.

Value: $17.00 Included

Personal Development Goal Setting Blueprint
by Emily Syring

Puts you back in the drivers seat of your life and gives you the tools you need to make goal setting sustainable, effective and really, really simple.

Value: $33.00 Included

How to ACTUALLY Implement Your Goals
by Leslie Boyd

Realistic goal setting for real results!

Value: $97.00 Included

This category includes 2 eBooks, 1 eCourse, and 5 Workbooks & Printables.

Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness
by Steve Scott

The essence of habit stacking is to take a series of small changes and build a ritual that you follow on a daily basis.

Value: $3.99 Included

The Humbled Homemaker’s Systems and Routines Templates
by Erin Odom

Included in this package are templates for a family morning routine, nighttime routine, afterschool routine, meal cleanup routine, and a system for teaching children how to pack their own balanced lunches.

Value: $15.00 Included

Daily Planning Pages for an Organized Family
by Corinne

These printable daily routine sheets will help everyone in the family from pre-readers through mom stay on top of their most important tasks.

Value: $13.99 Included

7 Days to Calm: A Simple Guide to Creating Routines that Work for You
by MaryEllen Bream

This easy-to-follow guide and workbook will help you identify the problem areas in your day, develop solutions for creating smooth and easy days, and set yourself up to successfully follow your personalized routines.

Value: $7.00 Included

Build a Better Week Toolkit: Make Next Week Better Than This Week
by Christa Hutchins

Make next week better than this week as you move forward with your most important goals and projects.

Value: $10.00 Included

A Simple Cleaning Routine
by Erin Tannehill

This workbook provides simple, action-based steps to help you keep your home clean and tidy in less than 30 minutes a day so that you can get back to living your best life!

Value: $12.00 Included

Inspired Riser
by Asha Bauer

An online course that will help you develop a morning routine that is energizing, sustainable, motivating, and uniquely yours – in just six weeks.

Value: $197.00 Included

Focused Mind, Clear Intentions: Meditation to Start Your Day
by Katie Dutcher

Give purpose and direction to your mornings with a short meditation and reflection practice.

Value: $6.00 Included

This category includes 1 eBook, 4 eCourses, and 3 Workbooks & Printables.

Organize Your Online World
by Rachel Norman

This video and photo driven guide will help you to organize your email flow, apps, phone, and help you set (and keep) boundaries around screens.

Value: $14.00 Included

Back to School Bootcamp
by Laura Rizer

A complete course and toolkit to get organized for the school year.

Value: $44.95 Included

Creating A Digital Home Management System
by Kayse Pratt

Learn how to take your Home Management Notebook digital – and get everything you need to set up your system in minutes!

Value: $34.00 Included

Organize My Year: Monthly To Do List Set
by Susan Santoro

The perfect complement to your planner, this set helps you organize your entire year and accomplish tasks at the best time for you and your busy schedule.

Value: $9.99 Included

The 30 Day Plan to Organize the Chaos in Your Mind and Life
by Tanya

A step by step guide to develop your ideal planning and productivity system so you can get more done and have more fun.

Value: $5.00 Included

The Get It Together, Girl! System
by Kristen Miller

The easy, simple and flexible system that allows you to plan your life without a lot of complicated rules that don’t fit YOU or YOUR FAMILY.

Value: $27.00 Included

Your 20/20 Vision Plan: Getting Clear and Focused on What You Want, so You Can Acheive It
by Stacey Stratton

An online program that helps you gain clarity, stay focused and create a life you love.

Value: $47.00 Included

Productivity Bundle Trello Tracking Board
by Kristi McMillan

Track, filter or sort every product in the Productivity Bundle, visually with ease!

Value: $9.00 Included

This category includes 3 eBooks, 3 eCourses, and 1 Printable.

Mind The Chatter: Master Your Inner Voice, Gain a Positive Mindset and Get Your Power Back!
by Lise Cartwright

Is your inner voice crushing your dreams? Stop the madness and start winning!

Value: $5.99 Included

Adult Coloring Affirmation Starter Kit: Channel Your Inner Warrior
by Ali Chovanec

This starter kit of Adult Coloring Affirmation Cards is an easy and effective way to practice self-care.

Value: $12.00 Included

From Procrastinating to Productive Mama: Why Moms Procrastinate and How to Get Over It!
by Amylee Udell

Learn why you procrastinate and how to get over it so you can get control of your household, family and life!

Value: $9.99 Included

How To Get Anything You Want: Step Into Intentional Action
by Megan Seamans

Ready to get everything you desire in life? It all starts with one thing…

Value: $37.00 Included

Overcoming Procrastination: How To Stop Procrastinating So You Can Achieve Your Goals
by Uche Ndu

Learn why you procrastinate and discover practical steps to overcome this so you can accomplish your goals.

Value: $25.00 Included

Elevate Your Productivity & Health
by Cristy Murray

Burnout is real. Working moms burn the candle on both ends. Your health and self-care have to come first NOT last. You can get more done if you’re healthy, energized and efficient. This eBook will help you with actionable steps to get you there.

Value: $23.00 Included

Soothe Your Sensitive Heart: A Training for Emotional Sponges
by Céline Harleaux

Learn how to set boundaries, take care of yourself, and be self-confident.

Value: $29.90 Included

This category includes 3 eCourses, and 6 Workbooks.

Goal Digger: Goal Planning Workshop + Workbook
by Angelica Duncan

Set God’s goals, heaven’s way all for kingdom influence.

Value: $27.00 Included

The Self Growth Journal: 365 Self-Reflection Questions
by Nadalie Bardo

Focus on your daily self-growth, one self-reflection question at a time.

Value: $24.00 Included

Your Personal Goal Setting Retreat
by Emily Counts

A guide to escaping the distractions of everyday life to craft intentional goals and a concrete plan for achieving big things this year.

Value: $14.00 Included

PLAN4 2020
by Melissa Shanhun

Plan your business to reach your goals and fit your life in 4 simple steps.

Value: $67.00 Included

Annual Review Workbook
by Michelle Chang

Make each new year better than the one before with intentional reflection and goal setting for all areas of life.

Value: $14.99 Included

Life Audit Guided Journal
by Payton Foeller

A 26 page guided journal to help you assess where you have been, what has been taking your time from you, what goals and missions have you been working toward – and WHY?

Value: $6.99 Included

Discover Your Fulfilling Career eGuide
by Tega Edwin

Learn the 5 steps to discovering a career you’ll thrive in.

Value: $67.00 Included

Quarter-Life Crisis Workbook: A Resource for Your Twenties
by Gawoon Chung

Own your quarter-life crisis; don’t let it own you.

Value: $15.00 Included

Your Book of Awesome: 100 Steps Towards Your Goals
by Megan Brame

Realize 100 days, steps, or small wins to help you move forward.

Value: $8.00 Included

This category includes 2 eBooks, 6 eCourses, 1 Membership Site, and 3 Workbooks.

Master Your Life: The Pain Free Guide to Mastering the Art of Self-Discipline
by Jessi Fearon

Tap into the power inside of you to feel more confident and in control in just 18 days!

Value: $7.99 Included

Mindset Makeover: Makeover Your Mindset and Take Your Life to the Next Level
by Faith Hawks

Four workshops designed to get you unstuck and makeover your mindset.

Value: $29.00 Included

Refine Your Life Purpose + Wellness
by Samantha LovelyRefinement

A complete mindset shift program to help women who feel lost and unsure in their lives become the best version of themselves from the inside out.

Value: $57.00 Included

Show up Afraid: Self-Guided Course
by Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui

Quiet the noise of perfectionism, comparison, and fear so you can to show up fully to your imperfect and beautiful life.

Value: $60.00 Included

DrivenWoman Academy
by Fiona Flintham

A structured online membership program and community for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals fast.

Value: $75.00 Included

Productive by Design: Use Brain Science to Get More Done
by James Garrett

Brain-based strategies that will help you supercharge your focus and dominate distraction.

Value: $197.00 Included

21 Day Positive Mindset Challenge
by Jennifer Smith

Learn how to form the habit of positivity in just ten minutes each day.

Value: $12.00 Included

The Consistency Cure
by Jennifer E Berk

Shifting habits compassionately and with long-term consistency.

Value: $127.00 Included

Battling Imposter Syndrome, Beating Self Doubt
by Jess Stuart

Navigate fear and self-doubt to battle imposter syndrome and gain the confidence to succeed.

Value: $65.00 Included

Dream Life Jumpstart for Moms
by Emily Bendler

This course gives you the tools to go after your goals and achieve your dream life.

Value: $47.00 Included

Beat Self Sabotage
by Joelle Byrne

How to conquer the emotions that could be holding you back from your ideal life.

Value: $6.43 Included

Making “Work” Work for You: Tips, Hacks, and Strategies for Finding Career Bliss
by Kris McPeak

If work just isn’t “working” for you right now, this primer will get you on the road to Job Satisfaction with tips, tricks, and strategies for Career Bliss.

Value: $3.99 Included

This category includes 1 eBook, 2 eCourses, and 7 Workbooks & Printables.

The 2020 Shining Mom Planner
by Khaye Mydette Macalinao

A one-stop organizing resource for every busy mom looking for a system to keep her home, life and finances in order. It includes 100 printable resources designed to help mom manage a blissful home.

Value: $23.00 Included

Botanical Living: A Printable Productivity Planner
by Shelby Abrahamsen

A beautiful, efficient, and powerful productivity tool to help you conquer the new year.

Value: $18.00 Included

Adulting Planner
by Laura Burton

A sarcastic twist on a traditional planner. Because getting stuff done is better with a little humor.

Value: $15.00 Included

Your Best Life Planner
by Katie Harp

An ebook full of different printable planners, to do lists, and more to help you live a happier life.

Value: $19.00 Included

Journaltastisch Planner: Get Your To-Do’s Under Control
by Sandra Zint

Get finally rid of your loose paper clutter & organize your life and business in just one planner.

Value: $17.00 Included

How to Make Planner Stickers
by Mim Jenkinson

Learn to make your own beautiful planner stickers from home.

Value: $35.00 Included

Easy Organized Living Productivity Planner
by Nikol Murphy

Helps you stay focused on what matters most and doesn’t waste time with extra fluff. No more sacrificing productivity in order to stay organized and focused on building a life you love!

Value: $19.00 Included

Everything You Need to Get Organized: Bullet Journal Inspired Printable Planner
by Rachael Morin

Get organized in 15 minutes a week.. even if you’re an unartistic scatterbrain.

Value: $24.95 Included

Change Your Life with a Planner
by Kemi Quinn

Step by step help for customizing your perfect planner.

Value: $27.00 Included

Customizable Digital Bullet Journal: For Teachers and Graduate Students
by Erika Romero

Organize your hectic life with this 6-sectioned digital bullet journal (with 37 page templates built-in)! Customize your journal easily by following along with the course’s video tutorial series.

Value: $20.00 Included

Ready to supercharge

your productivity?

Get the bundle plus timesaving cheat sheets for only $77 US.

Get The Ultimate Productivity Bundle for only $67 US.

Backed By Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

 What Past Customers Are Saying… 

 What Past Customers Are Saying 

“There are many different ways of managing your time and this bundle showed me quite a few of them and how they work, so I can find what suits me best.” – Kellie

“There was something for everyone in this kit. We have been able to use tools in the kit to get everyone off to school and work AND have some household chores done each morning. The house is looking better and we are getting where we need to go on time!” – Happy Customer

“I have gleaned some important systems to incorporate into my life that will better help may be organized and productive. I really enjoyed the grace based productivity and appreciated this one the most so far.” – Happy Customer

“I have my time back and way to organize my week. I also can prioritize without feeling guilty about letting things go until later. It has given me a sense of calm in the midst of the storm that is my daily life.” – Happy Customer

“So far the biggest benefit I’ve received has been implementing a routine for myself and kids in the morning-it’s been wonderful!” – Courtney

Your happiness is  guaranteed. 

Your happiness is  guaranteed. 

If the Ultimate Productivity Bundle doesn’t help you master your time and supercharge your productivity, simply email our customer service team within 30 days for a full refund.

We call it the ULTIMATE Productivity Bundle for a reason — because we believe in it! And we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do. 😊

What you might be wondering…

(click to expand)

Will I actually use all these products?
Nope, probably not. But that’s expected. With this bundle, you can try dozens of approaches for one super discounted price and invest in the strategies that work best for you. You’ll also find lots of resources that are targeted to specific roles and seasons in life. You can use the ones that are perfect for you and skip the ones that are less of a fit.

The internet is full of productivity advice. What makes this different?
The internet may be full of random productivity tips, but the bundle is where you can find comprehensive systems that really move the needle. Plus, there are resources for people in all stages and struggles of life. Whether you’re dealing with kids, illness, or other challenges, you’ll find tested strategies that actually work in the real world.

How much time will it take to use the bundle?
It’s really up to you how much time you want to spend using it. It could be reading through eBooks 5-10 minutes per day as you have a few spare moments, or committing one night per week to working through eCourses, or any other amount of time that makes sense to you. You’ll have these eBooks and most of the eCourses forever, so there’s really no rush. And with the cheat sheets, you can go through the products in a fraction of the time.

What’s your refund policy?
If for any reason you don’t feel the bundle is right for you, simply email our customer service team within 30 days to receive a full refund. That’s our promise to you. We stand behind our bundles 100%. 😊

How do I access my bundle?
When you click “Buy Now” and purchase your Ultimate Productivity Bundle, you’ll receive an email with a login for our dedicated download site. That’s where you’ll find every single resource in the bundle available for you to download (eBooks) or access (eCourses).

You can choose to either get it all in one huge ZIP or download each file individually in the format you prefer. You get access to this site for six months after your bundle purchase, so you can go back again and again as often as you like.

What exactly will I receive?
You’ll get 10 eBooks, 29 eCourses & videos, 28 printables & workbooks & one membership site. All of these resources will be available to you for six months in our easy-to-use private access area, which you’ll have a personal login for. Once you’re in there, you can simply download the eBooks (store on your computer, a separate hard drive, transfer to your eReader, etc. and keep them forever!) and register for each of the eCourses (all of which are lifetime access, except for the 3 month membership site).

Who doesn’t
want more
 good days? 

Who doesn’t
want more
 good days? 

When was the last time you had a really productive day?

A day where you had clear goals, got right to work, stayed focused and energized, and checked everything off your to-do list?

Wouldn’t you like to have more days like that?

That’s what the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is all about.

Helping you spend fewer days feeling behind, stressed, and overwhelmed and enjoy more days crushing your to-do list and making progress on the goals that matter most to you.

It can be hard to find time for learning or implementing new things when you’re struggling just to get through the day, but making the investment today can set you up for a transformational year — and a lifetime of greater productivity, achievement, and happiness.

If that’s what you want, then don’t wait —

get your bundle before it’s gone! ❤️

Ready to supercharge

your productivity?

Get the bundle plus timesaving cheat sheets for only $77 US.

Get The Ultimate Productivity Bundle for only $67 US.

Backed By Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

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