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Canadian Free Flyers
by Matthew Bailey

Learn how to earn travel points and redeem them for maximum value.

$97.00 – $197.00

Campground Learning Lab
by Kara Carrero

A parent’s guide to learning experiences while hiking and camping.


DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit
by Chris Dalziel

Fill your travel first aid kit with 10 easy herbal remedies that will make your vacation more comfortable and the inevitable minor discomforts more manageable.


Family Travel Planner
by Laura Rizer

The ultimate tool for organizing and planning your family vacation.


Finance Your Detour
by Dan & Lindsay McKenzie

A budgeting program and tool that teaches the same strategies and budgeting process that allowed the creators to pay off debt, build a financial runway, and travel full-time.


Our Next Adventure Planner
by Lauren Forsythe

A travel planner that is designed specifically for families with young kids to make the most out of their trip regardless of destination.


The Family Camping Handbook
by Katie Kimball

If you‚Äôve always wanted to try camping as a frugal family vacation but are nervous because you have little ones or don’t want to feel stuck with hot dogs, this is your ticket to real food success in the woods.


Travel with Kids Idea Book
by Jessica Fisher

Get on track for travel with kids with this easy, practical guide for planning family travel on a budget – without losing your mind.


Vacation Binder
by Carrie Lindsey

You’ll love using this cute (and functional!) printable Travel Binder and Planner Stickers when you plan your next trip!


WalletWin Academy
by Amanda Teixeira

Find out how to both save and make money while traveling as often (and for as long) as you’d like, and receive loads of other money saving tips and tricks!


Wanderlust Families
by Susan Whitehead

Yearning to travel abroad long-term with your family and don’t know how? This course can help you tackle every aspect of planning your adventure so you can turn your Dream Life into your Real Life.


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