Meet the Team

We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got the best. team. ever.

Made up of passionate, brilliant folks who do dedicated work from their respective homes in Canada, the United States, and beyond, we’d love to introduce you to the people behind the bundles…

Lynn Chorn

Chief Bundler

When Lynn isn’t scuba diving, dancing, or sipping tea, she’s working with her team to create bundles from inspiring entrepreneurs and amazing authors.

Loren Chorn

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Loren loves people! He believes that everyone has an interesting life and a story to tell. Making connections and money are his passion. When he’s not working, family and fitness keep him sane.

Tab Ward

Director of Growth & Operations

When Tabatha isn’t leading the operations efforts of our team to deliver the best bundles, you can find her with her nose in a book, her hands near a sewing machine, hugging a kid or two, fencing or divulging in any hobby that distracts from cleaning.

Blaine Glynn

Director of Technology

Blaine is the brains behind all things tech at UB - Making sure the customers always have the best experience.  When not doing that you might find him creating a new project in his maker workshop with his boys or enjoying nature.

Rachael Morin

Recruitment & Curation Director

Rachael works with our affiliates and partners to curate the absolute best bundles for our customers and leads our affiliate and bonus partner success efforts. Rachael loves putting all the pieces in place. She’s also a massive lover of stories–especially when it comes to fantasy writing.

Jessica Evans

 Customer Happiness Manager

Jessica has rad superhero powers. She can calm any customer service storm with a tap of her keyboard and click of her mouse!

Kyle Young

Marketing Strategist

Kyle helps us clearly communicate the value of our bundles and makes sure our marketing never feels spammy. He loves his wife, daughter, being outdoors, and video games!

Alex Swain

Social Media & Communication Manager

Alex is our social media and communications queen. She lives in the heart of Atlanta with her fiancé and puppy. When she isn’t being social, you can catch her doing yoga or spending time with her pup Roscoe.

Jessica Bailey

Affiliate Administrator

Jessica is the powerhouse behind file access, stats and coordination for our bundle documentation. She enjoys family time with her husband and son and loves flowers, baking, and camping.

Jen McOwen

Quality Control Specialist

Jen is dedicated to making sure nothing but quality bundles get into your hands. She loves dance parties with her kids, playing strategic board games with her husband, making things out of yarn, and obsessing over books.

Rachel Abernathy

 Bundle Production Specialist

Rachel creates cheat sheet summaries and assists in customer service and other areas as needed. Outside of work, she loves cooking and baking from scratch and studying natural health topics!

Tiffany Kuehl


Tiffany sprinkles magic pixie dust on our sales pages, logos, and graphics, and she’s fueled by giant cups of coffee She lives in the North Georgia Mountains with her husband, two little girls, and two dogs: Zoe, her adorable Australian Shepherd, and Remi, her German Shepherd.