8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them

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Taught by: Angi Schneider

Gardening and Simple Living Blogger

Gardening is fun!

But it’s also a lot of work. It’s so frustrating to invest so much time into your garden and not reap the rewards you want. 

The good news is, most of the headaches gardeners deal with are avoidable. You just need a little advice from a pro. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Angi Schneider, gardening and simple living blogger, to create a free class called:

8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them

In this free class, you’ll learn about important topics like:


  • Soil health
  • Watering best practices
  • How to deal with pests
  • How to buy the best foods for your body
  • How to prioritize your planting schedule
  • And more!

We’re super excited about this class, we’re even more excited about who’s teaching it. 

A few years ago, Angi Schneider, her husband, and their 6 kids moved into an older home on 1.5 acres in South Texas. Since then, they’ve been turning their small patch of earth into something that can supply many of their needs for years to come (that includes gardens, fruit trees, chickens and bees so far). Angie shares her journey and the lessons she’s learning online at SchneiderPeeps.com. We can’t wait to learn from her years of experience in the garden! 

The class is being offered at two times for your convenience:

10:00am EST (7:00am PT), Friday May 15th

4:00pm EST (1:00pm PT), Friday May 15th

Will there be replays? We hope so, but it really depends on whether technology chooses to cooperate with us (and it will take several days after the live event). If you really want to attend, make a plan to join us live!

Are there any perks of showing up live? You bet there are! 🙂 Not only do you have the chance to interact in the chat and even ask our presenter your questions in real time, but we’ll be unveiling an exclusive offer (with bonuses!) but only during the live event. We hope you’ll be there!

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