Episode 1: Becoming an
Ultimate Affiliate

Episode 1: Becoming an Ultimate Affiliate

Over 10 years ago, Stephanie Langford started blogging.

It was the very early years of the movement, when people used Blogspot, didn’t post pictures, and hardly ever used social media – a completely different world than today! But Stephanie’s family had been on a healthy living journey, soaking up all of this information, and she knew she wanted to share what she’d learned with others.

Little did she know, that decision sparked something bigger than she’d ever dreamed: the birth of Ultimate Bundles!

Join Jami Balmet, (Affiliates & Partnerships Manager) as she sits down with Stephanie (CEO & Founder) to kick off this brand-new podcast that shares the stories behind your favorite Ultimate Bundles and teaches you how to…

…become the ultimate affiliate.
…grow your business.
…fuel your mission.

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