High value collections of eBooks and eCourses at huge discounts

High value collections of eBooks and eCourses at huge discounts

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What you might be wondering…

Will I receive something in the mail? How long does it take to get my bundle?

Since all our products are digital, not physical (ie. eBooks, eCourses, printable PDF files, etc.), you’ll receive immediate access through our online access portal only. You won’t receive anything in the mail, nor will we ever bug you with flyers or junk mail after the fact. The only reason you might have to check your mailbox is if you choose to redeem one of our option bonus offers for a physical product from one of our partnering companies (in which case you’ll redeem it directly yourself, providing your mailing address and paying for shipping if required).

How will I get the products? Will you send them to me?

Due to the large file sizes of some products, we let our customers create their own customized library rather than sending them to you automatically through emails or zip drives. Within 5 minutes of completing your purchase, you’ll receive a link to our easy-to-use access page with your own unique login. Every bundle you ever buy will be available in one convenient location, and you can continue to download files or access eCourses for an entire year (or until the bundle’s expiration date). After that, you can create folders on your computer or device to keep them organized or even put them on a zip drive if you like – it’s totally up to you.

If I’m a repeat customer, will I get the same eBooks or eCourses twice?

We like to keep things fresh and make every bundle a totally unique collection. Our policy is to keep a strict 95% (or higher) ratio of new products. So while we’ll occasionally we’ll bring back a popular or high quality product that has been in a bundle before, it happens pretty rarely.

Do you share customer information with partners or outside businesses?

Your email and personal information is safe with us. We never sell, trade or give it away to any other partner or business. You may hear directly from us about new or upcoming bundle events or receive fun and informative newsletters, but not from anyone else. The only way one of our partners will get your email, address, name, etc. is if you a) choose to sign up for one of the eCourses in a bundle (typically only a name and email address is required for access) or b) if you choose to redeem our optional bonus offers, you’ll be taken through a checkout process of some sort. It’s entirely up to you if you’re comfortable redeeming these offers and providing your information or not.

Can you tell me how to find and download the bundle I’ve purchased?

Absolutely! Here’s how to get your new bundle: – Look in your email for something from customerservice@ultimatebundles.com with a subject line “[NAME OF BUNDLE] Access Instructions”. – Inside the email, you’ll find a link to our access page, as well as a unique login and password (which you can change to create your own password, if you prefer). – Inside the access site, you’ll find every eBook, eCourse, printable file, etc. for the bundle you’ve purchased. They’re organized by category, by file type, and are even searchable by keyword. – Click a button to download the products you want, to get access to your eCourses, or to redeem your bonus offers. – Bought a second bundle? It will show up in the same access area, so you can find every bundle you own in one convenient location.

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